August 26th, 2002

Pluto close up

First day

Was over in 5 minutes... yes, 5 minutes. Math teacher (He's asian... Vanessa wants a picture now, just watch) just went over the class stuff and said "okay" you're done for the day. Went to the mall before that and pre-ordered sunshine... which will be out tomorrow and WILL BE MINE!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's a me! Ahem... the walk from the school to my house isn't very much fun... and it's even less fun when you're carrying one of those water holder things full of water. Granted, it wasn't heavy, but I don't like fucking doing anything that requires WORK... period. My left contact fell out before class... so it got hard and is de hardening in solution as we speak...
Pluto close up


Cloud is beating Mario on the gamefaqs poll... GO CLOUD! Of course... link will probably win... since he's link. but if Mario loses in the semis, it will please me greatly.