August 24th, 2002

Pluto close up


Guy number 4 didn't move in last night as I thought, nor did he move in this afternoon like I thought. So where the fuck is guy number 4? I locked my bathroom mate out of the bathroom this afternoon and I felt bad... because I don't like locking him out of the bathroom, that's rather mean and fucked up, you know. Nothing else really happening. Want my internet in the room bad, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. Finished another story... not having the internet really does help me spend more time writing, it is a good thing. I seriously cannot RP on the board for the life of me because like NOTHING is happening and I can't think of something to start... god I suck. Mom was drunk and rambling for a bit a litle while ago. Like I said, not a big update.
Pluto close up


Last night Ivan gave me something to drink and I thought it was chocolate milk... which it was, but it had alky in it... I drank alky *cries*. So now I'm one step closer to becoming an alcholic and it's all fucking Ivan's fault... grrr. Still, I only took like a mini-sip and I didn't even KNOW it had any till he told me right after... fucker. I showed them J-pop/Rock videos... they didn't get the Shingo Mama No video... I don't get it either, but James Brown is in it... and he tries to talk japanese, so I laugh. They loved the evolution girl... I think her name is Ayumi... I didn't get to show them the other 2 glay videos because they left for a party... but V needs to send me more J videos so we can begin converting more people to the cause! Christopher finally moved in this morning... I felt like knocking, but it would seem wierd to the other roommates if I knocked on his door and never did theres... so I opted against it.
Pluto close up


It seems as though a certain brother of my god (Scott) is challanging me to a match. This should be fun...