August 22nd, 2002

Pluto close up


The guy that I share a bathroom with finally decided to move in... I know of him, since we are both in EOP and I'm pretty sure I had the ever dreaded MCGS55 class with him last semester, but I dislike thinking of such things very much so. Fucker cable bastard assholes didn't come to the room despite the fact that they were like "wait from 1-5" and it's like 4:55 and I'm like... fuck it all, I don't give a shit anymore. So... I'll vent at them when they get there. I mean, it's fucking BAD enough I don't get cartoon net... which is like my crack... CRACK. Oh wait I said that yesterday. Yeah. Still haven't met guy number one... you know the guy who moved in yesterday. Still... his door is open, my door is open, HE can walk to the room and Say "hi my name is (he took his star thingy down, so I don't know what his name is)" and then we can just go on our merry way of neglect. NEGLECT! *Genki dance* But... the real reason I'm posting is this: The only two acceptable boybands and the one borderline if on the brink of insanity list. Yes, these are the ONLY groups with boys that will be tolerated... bsb, n sync, o-town, 98 degrees etc etc MUST BE DEALT WITH! Still... here's the list.

3) *The barely acceptable, only because of PURE nostalgia* NKOTB: Don't ask me why... just accept the fact that if you were a kid in the late 80's early 90's you were pretty much an NKOTB fan... and we still don't know why to this day. Still... I get much laughs at the fact that Danny looks like an ape and Donnies a fucking pyro... MUWAHAHHAHAHA. Still... when I hear step by step I laugh my ass off and remember my foolishness. And the cartoon... oh don't get me started on the horrible HORRIBLE cartoon...

2) The beatles: Don't argue... they were a BOY Band at first "the foor lads from liverpool" note, the LADS. Now... if you disagree with the beatles as being great, you are completely moronic. Me, I don't care MUCH for the beatles, but I cannot, nor will I ever, deny that they are easily the most important group since music started, bar none. Again... great, but they pale to...

1) The jackson 5: Really... were you expecting anyone else? The origininators of the boyband mantra *even though the beatles came out first... I think* They gave the music world MJ... love him or hate him, a music world without MJ at the helm would be rather... creepy. But... they started it, so doesn't that mean it's THEIR fault that we have to put up with the BSB and N sync and every other fucking stock boy band that this world throws at us? Yes... but I'm sure if they knew the horrors they were going to start, they wouldn't have. I know I wouldn't have.

Hmmm... that was fun... now what?
Pluto close up


Another boring night... Saw Navid, he said hey, I said hey... nothing more, nothing less. At the very least we've spent more time together than I have with the other guy, who Navid appears to be friends with. Fuck... Anywho... look what I made, because it was on V's LJ and I like taking stuff like this! GO ME!

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