August 21st, 2002

Pluto close up


Yeah... I'm in, I don't have an internet provider... and I probably WON'T get one for quite some time... celebrate whilst you can, people, celebrate whilst you can... you know who you are. Although I will be making damn sure I get plenty of time on the fucking UV computers so that I can check my e-mail/website/ account/lj/rpg/ etc. Yeah... I don't have semagic on this because I don't really want to download anything onto the UV computers... god only knows who uses them. I haven't met any of my roommates yet, although the one whom lives diagnol from me has moved in... he must have went somewhere, and yes, I know it's a he because they wouldn't stick on girl in a cluster with three boys... that would be BEYOND fucked up. SO... the room is BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG! I love my UV room... it's bigger than my room at home. Very good. I can get plenty of writing done too... not having the internet to take away my time while I'm on the computer in the room and all. Four of the people who I was friends with from the dorm last year live directly above me... it was funny as hell. Yeah, second floor, again... carrying that shit up the stairs was NOT fun. My RA is a woman this time... I wonder what she's like, I've only seen her and whatnot, not spent any time with her. Went to the comic book store and blew fourty bucks right off the bat... my parents only gave me 60 =*(... I was very sad. But they will put money in my account on friday and I will go buy things like detergent, contact stuff, printer paper *fucker, I can't believe I forgot that*... you know, stuff like that. And I had to walk from the comic book store to the school... 5 minutes, tops, and from the school to my apartment... 20 minutes... it was NOT fun... and I was fucking TIRED! grrr. Got my phone hooked up already, good thing. The cable does NOT have cartoon network... which means I will not be able tow atch he-man OR transformers armada... pity me. And worst of all... if I want dsl I *or the rents* have to pay 50 dollars a fucking month! Grrr.... miss my ethernet already. Still... own room... semi private bathroom... a BALCONY! Oh, and no more colby's either... lack of soap net... kinda sad, but whatever. I'm out of the house!
Pluto close up

Day 2

Still no net... after I get done with the comp here I gotta go alllllllllll the way back to the pool area and talk to the cns people and then get the info for the ethernet/dsl thingy... I wonder if I need to get a second phone line should I take this route... I must ask. Still haven't met the guy who lives with me... I may have pissed him off or something. Hey, I was hungry and I cooked... it was my food and pan and plate and whatnot. Had tea... mmmmmmmmm... good tea. Still... nothing really important has happend... I though the guy across from me had moved in, but he hadn't... my bad.