August 20th, 2002

Pluto close up

Hmm... checklist...

Boxes with 1) Video games, 2) Trade Paper Backs 3) Novels 4) Mini's games 5) CD's 6) Game systems 7) DVD's 8) VCR tapes 9) Computer software and that school paper work whatnot.

So... aside from the computer printer, scanner, television, clothes, bedware, and all the stuff I'm going to get up there tomorrow... I actually think I've finished packing. Now comes the shipping part. And of course... the captain caveman plushie is going with me, as are Vivi and Krypto. I'd take the beanie babies that I have... but I mean... god, my manlyness will already be put to the test when they see that I fucking have a captain caveman plushie. And... the pluto plushie is probably not an option.. bastards. Unfortunetly... my parents STILL refuse to let me take my uber-cool transformer statues... which pisses me off to no end. Oh, and let us not forget the bobble head scott... which is godly in it's glory. And of course... regular comics... but not that much. I brought a shit load up with me last year, and added a shit load through the year... so I'm only taking the comics I got last week up there with me, which will fit in my backpack, a very good thing indeed. I should get the posters too... I miss my art adams dearly. fucker cost me 30 bucks and yet it was unsalvageable at the end of the year *mourns*.Hmm... I hope I don't forget anything *kicks the alarm clock* last semester I forgot it... pissed me off too. Had to borrow Juans. About the only thing I'm scared of right now is who I'm going to have as a roommie... or, if I get the cluster *which I pray for* (roomies). Please... just don't let them listen to rap or country, I realize the first is probably impossible... grrr. They may mock my anime and comic book fanboyness... TO HELL WITH THEM! Obviously... this journal won't be updated a lot... if at all... till around thursday. assuming I can't get the net to work on night one... which is completely likely, since I Have no FUCKING clue how to do computer thingies. Still, that's what the video games and the anime are for, ne? I'm bringing the DC up this year... sometimes I just want to kill wolvie in MvC2... what can I say? I hate wolvie... it's quite simple.