August 17th, 2002

Pluto close up


Went to the piercing parlor and got my hoops in. They're steel though... not gold =*(. Mom said that she wouldn't get me gold despite the fact she said she would earlier. And besides... he didn't have gold there, so it was kinda a moot point. Still, can't look like Kon without gold hoops, but thems the breaks. Speaking of Kon... the guy finally added me... well not yet, but he said I could start role playing. Apparently he accidently threw away my app along with several other peoples, and that's what happened. Yeah... so now I'm all dressed up to go to a wedding with slacks on and a nice shirt and my left contact is bugging the hell out of me... very annoying... stupid contact
Pluto close up


Yeah... the wedding, I kinda missed it. No really... we get there, they're still busy making things for the walk down the aisle thingy, and we need to get a bow for the present, so we go to safeway because mom thinks the bow will be there, get some ice and some random other things *like batteries for the digi-cam* but they don't have a bow. Go to Longs Drugs and find one, but by the time we get back, they are already done with the ceremony and are busy taking the after picture thingys. So that blew much chunks. First person I see as I'm walking to the picture area to take pictures although it later turned out to be picture, is bigest brother frankie, who hugs me. Frankie... who I sometimes think is gay, and if not than just a guy with a shaved head, pretty boy face, and high voice, gives me a hug... very creepy. You know me and hugs... ick. Yeah, so lots of people, underage people mind you, decide to drink, very bad, very icky, very displeasing. The food was good though... some damned fine ham... that's all I have to say 'bout that. DAMNED FINE HAM! So, I spend a lot of time with the ex, because despite being the ex, she's still a good friend... even though she worships the horridness of HP like a certain other someone who I enjoy talking too... you know who you are. She says that she will be the first person for chambers tickets... but I tell her that you already camping out in front of movie place waiting to yell out how much you love tom. She asks if I'm joking... I say, only a little. She still says that you two should talk and mock me for my lack of HP love... but I'd just mock you for YOUR HP love... okay, really, off tangent. Talk with her about stuff, finally get to talk to my best friend for like the first time in god only knows how long, for an extended conversation, which was cool. She swears that me and her little sister, the ex, will get married... we laugh. I cannot picture myself marrying her... beings as though since the "break up" (we were never "together" we just did the 8th grade equivilent of going out, which pretty much meant eating lunch at the same table where I come from) she's like a little sister... and that whole thing is ICKY. ICKY ICKY ICKY! So after that we finally leave, mom's plastered and yelling about stupid shit, like how she's cold and the car leaks and blah blah blah... but now we're back, and someone wants to fight superboy already... muwahaha, I feel special. Also... I'm bored, and it doesn't look like I'll be going to Teresa's party... or I would have called YOU and asked you if you wanted to come. Anywho, I got this from your journal, and I'm gonna steal it!

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