August 16th, 2002

Pluto close up


I was looking at some pictures from the links that eric sent me... and I swear to god I thought the Rinoa picture was Michael Jackson.... that's very VERY scary.
Pluto close up


Little Danny (aka Teresa's man number 1209322) is in the garage O_O... and I look like crap, so no sense in talking to him without perfect hair. Am I Vain? Yes... I am...
Pluto close up

The new cartoon...

was good, yet it has problems, some problems big, some small.


-They completely do away with the fact that Minos, Randors father, was King before Randor was... in the new cartoon they make it seem like the kingship had fallen into Randors hand by the ancient ones, which is a LIE. Minos was rather important in one of the She-Ra episodes.

-Keldor is Randors brother. It wasn't ever revealed in the series, or the comics, but if the original toy line would have kept going, it would have been revealed. So in a sense Adam and Adora fight their uncle a lot. And Skeletor fights his niece and nephew a lot as well.

-The wall was never made in the original, it was just never there. I don't quite understand everything, but I know there was no wall and I guess Keldor was just waiting for the perfect time to attack the royal castle.

- Skeletor never gave a crap about anything except castle grayskull, that was his entire mission, all the time.


- Cringer can talk in the original... I've yet to decide if this was a bad or good thing... but still, he could in the first, can't in this.

- Duncan and Adam both touched the power sword, it rejected duncan and that's how adam knew he was destined to be he-man.

-This isn't something that happened in the first... but the people spent FAR to much time spinning around their various toys during the fight. It's like "look at me spin my sword around over and over" and the other guy says "oh yeah, I can spin it more!"

Still... good show... very good. Can't wait for more!
Pluto close up


No matter how many times I beat that game... the ending still makes me sad... they just HAD to kill the SPRITE, the good character... you know, you could have killed the girl and none of us would have complained, she was just good for her healing anyway!