August 13th, 2002

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I find it funny how he claims he wanted me to call him, yet the phone was fucking busy when I attempted... see what I get for being nice?
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Oh yeah...

One of the people in the forum I'm a member of is doing something akin to fern just with a high school setting instead of college. I doubt he got the idea from me... since no one reads my stuff... bastards! Anywho, I told him I would help and now he's asking me to define the stereotypical jock... oh this is gonna be fun...
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HAH, the stereotypical jock, as seen by me!

1) The stereotypical jock is a rich, snobbish, holier than thou, won't talk to anyone who's parents don't make more than six figures per year because they are far to "beneath" him. 2) Multi-sported, with football being the prime sport... basketball or wrestling being the obvious secondary sports 3) A TALL PRETTY BOY whom all the tasteless women swoon over because of his status as said tall pretty boy 4) Jars of Mayo have more IQ than a stereotypical jock, who will either spend all his time cutting class/sleeping through class/ or being an idiot in class and making it hard for anyone else to learn. 5) Always be on the homecoming/prom royalty, sometimes winning, sometimes not, but always at least in the court. 6) Somehow thinks that he is above the law and will be seen constantly speeding while in their new red sports car 7) Completely conformist, always listening to the most popular music, watching the most popular television shows, and wearing the trendiest clothes because they have no actual sense of individuality and must be the head sheep of the flock. 8) Certainly not a virgin, he will probably have had sex with 80% of the cheerleading squad and several other females of high popularity in the high school circle, basically, scum 9) Constantly calling people who are nothing like him, "freaks", "nerds", "fags" etc etc *not meant to offend, but that's what they do* and 10) Will never amount to anything and will more than likely be some fallen high school icon with a huge beer belly still living at home because they finally realized that their looks and popularity mean JACK in the real world, said looks will be shot to hell.

God I hate jocks, and how I do love making fun of them...
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Fuckers at the financial aid department at school! They still haven't sent me a god damned fucking final award letter and I'm sitting here like a dumbass because I can't tell my parents if they owe the fucking school money or not... FUCKERS! They say that my account is being "reviewed" and I won't get a disbursement on the 16th of this month like most people which means that I have to put money out for the books, which angers me greatly, very much so, fuckers! Grrr and then theres some shit about the Cal B or something so I have to call them up later today and deal with their shit too.... grrr, all this stuff for college blows.
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Stone cold got arrested for spousal abuse... but he didn't spend much time there, he bailed himself out... still, loser got his ass arrested because he's a drunk redneck... ah, life is good...
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Must... get... level 9... glove... orb... so very hard! Seriously... fucking thing is impossible, every single chest the kimono wizard drops is always either a faerie walnut, or in rare occurences, a royal jam, but NEVER a fucking glove orb... it angers me greatly, but I don't really use the glove wih any sort of consistency, I just have the girl level up with it because it has some damned fine charge up effects... like the level 7 charge has you launch something that looks like a low range kikosho... very cool. I'm also at level 90... 9 fucking levels to go! 9!!! And it's getting harder and harder to level up, spending all that time... still, the game is fun. And I have like 5 million + gold pieces... muwahahahaha, all that selling good armor made me rich. Speaking of armor, they all have the ultimate armor except for the boy who is only missing the hat because he can't wear the faerie crown... ass...