August 12th, 2002

Pluto close up


So... went to the crappy mall, again... this time it wasn't as crappy, however. I went with my 'rents and my friend (and ex) Sarah in the little red car... which was a horrible ordeal because the red car is TINY and Sarah isn't the most petite person in the world... let alone with Mr. Six Five over here.. in the back seat, of a fucking convertable... yeah. So, Daddy's getting an anal because he claims I shouldn't have invited her because he has an appointment at 2:45 for some cardio thingy... and he SWEARS he's going to be late, but we get there at 2:44... muwahahahaha! He actually gets called in quick too, didn't spend an hour waiting like I thought he would be. After that, trip to crappy mall happened... well first we went to the buffet... which was good. After that we went to the crappy mall, for real this time. Mom walks into victoria's secret so I drag sarah to the disney store and look at all the plushies... some damned cute plushies at that, and some fucked up ones too... the old time donald looks AWFUL, kinda like Baditz maru or whatever. After that I decide what the hell and go look in Victoria's secret for my mother, I mean, I go to the disney store willingly, it's pretty fucking obvious that my mascalinity would be all but SHOT To hell. In there I see little Danny... someone from high school, one of those SHOCKINGLY decent popular jock types from high school. I mean, he actually took the time to talk to ME, it was scary. Of course, his dad is one of my dad's "customers" and a good friend as well... so he might feel somewhat pressured by his father to speak with the weirdo that is me. Still, I like Danny, he seems nice and I don't really have anything bad to say about him... some of the people whom he talked with in high school however... yeah, not getting into that. After that we go to hot topic where I get THE shirt... the ultra kick ass tiger striped with blue velvet type stuff embroidered... god I love that shirt. It even has tacky buttons... little margarity glasses, but still, the shirt KICKS ASS! And it was half off to boot! Suncoast came next... and Sarah spent much time looking at the anime VHS *she does not own DVD... the poor soul*, she gets the bastard trilogy, only 30 bucks for 3 tapes... of course, it's only six episodes... so it's kinda a win/lose. I don't get anything... didn't really look, but I did see that the MOTU toys were 4 bucks cheaper at suncoast than at hot topic... I still want that Skeletor... he looks wicked. My parents think we are done... but I tell them we are going to waldenbooks, which we did. Sarah and I spent much time looking at the various comic trades and manga... I get Superman trade that has Superboy! *genki dance* it even had the picture I have as my icon *bigger genki dance* AND it has him milking a cow... *BIIIIIIIIIG genki dance* so I get money for that and Sarah buys two Manga's one lodoss war and some aqua knight or whatever. After that we leave... albeit after my parents have a hissy because sarah and I went to the bathroom when they told us they would be waiting in the car and they weren't so we waited like 10 minutes and then went potty... idiot parents. Reading my book all the way home, see much love for Superboy, a little more love for Superman, and laugh at J'onn's cookie crack addiction. Drop Sarah off and come home. Decide to pick up the doggie feces... since it is my job and all, and I failed to do it yesterday. My grandma calls me and says that my cousin *the one from last night, the guy* called my aunt and apparently feels BAD about neglecting me in high school... I could turn this into a total guilt trip if I so desired... but I won't... sadly I have some remourse in me and it's about FUCKING time he realized he's a dick... YEAH! I feel good about that, but I find out that a newborn kitten that was birthed in my closet... died... which made me sad, but the kitten was only a day old and I didn't even know it was alive... so it cushioned the blow a bit, just a bit... I should try on my shirt... and bask in it's glory. God forbid, I'm becoming someone who enjoys clothing *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*
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