August 11th, 2002

Pluto close up


The drunken one decided that she wanted to come inside the room and spent a couple minutes, around twenty, rambling in her drunkeness. High points included: Walking around wearing nothing but the shirt vanessa got her from the house of blues, she likes it Vanessa, she does, and Telling the dog about respecting his elders... as if the fucking dog knows. God I hate it when she's like that...
Pluto close up


you're parents were lucky with you. you're sweet.
innocent. helpful. and cute.
what kind of child were you?
(brought you by april)

I suppose this one is true... I was more of the happy child, but I was sweet too... thankfully I grew out of both of them for the most part... although that kitty in the picture is DAMN cute...
Pluto close up


It stares at me, and taunts me... it calls out my name knowing that I cannot resist its sweet sweet pleasure. God I love Secret of Mana... it is a part of me.... must go... play... more...
Pluto close up


Hey V... get the issue of the pinnicle that came out last week and read Kate Woods' article... the lawnmower man is an old friend of my families and the woman she talks about is my dearest usagi-chan... who lived in the same low income housing projects that P used to live in... very funny
Pluto close up

That was unexpected...

My cousin calls from her conformist... errr... sorority... no, conformist is a better way of saying it, house and she's drunk off her ass... I don't know if she was trying to hide it from me, but I've gotten pretty good at judging ones drunkeness since I live with THAT. Anyway... she calls me and asks me how I liked Texas, I tell her I didn't like it at all and she proceeds to blab on about the same thing for like ten minutes several times... further proof that she's a moron when she's drunk, and she's going to be 21 in a month and able to get drunk legally... she won't make it to 22 at this rate, watch! And that will suck... a lot... but hey, I'm not the one hammering the booze down her throat, right? Okay... now I'm rambling and I'm sober... right. She gives me her brothers number... someone I haven't talked to in over 8 months, since x-mas time, and says that he wants me to call him. Normally I would jump because I worshipped my older cousin growing up and would ALWAYS do what he told me... it was sort of like the big brother relationship because he only had a sister and I didn't have anyone, so it worked out. He moved away from my grandma's house so we didn't spend all the time together like we used to when he lived there growing up, which was the first rift in our relationship, and it hurt a lot, because I loved my cousin dearly. Finally I start high school... we always had this plan that we would hang together in high school because we never got to go to the same school since I lived like 50 thousand miles away from him *Okay... 15 at most, but still...* so the first thing I do when I'm at high school is frantically search for my cousin... I find him the second or third day and he refuses to speak to me... the best made plans of mice and men... you know... So I'm thinking about calling him even though I KNOW if I do we'd get into a fight because we're like that... still, she says he WANTS me to call him... and should I just be the lap dog and call him... which I probably will... bah, I suck, I know