August 10th, 2002

Pluto close up


Finally the Sonic ficcie is done... yay! 22 pages... grrrrrr... long stuff, oh well... should send to Eric soon...
Pluto close up


Book Worm Meter
Shut In 115%
-15% Out Of The House
Intellectual 77%
23% Moron
High Attention Span 95%
5% Low Attention Span
Bookitude 96%
4% Book Burner
Book Worm 95.75%
4.25% Bug Stomper
Take your bookworm readings.

115% shut in, HELL YEAH! Just got back from going to town, lucky's albertsons to be exact. Saw someone there who I haven't seen since my last high school day... which was cool, he works at subway now, which amused the hell out of me. Got something in the mail from the Cal Grant people, they can't give me the $$$ because the school hasn't sent them anything yet... fuck! FUCK FUCK FUCK! But still, 115% shut in!!!
Pluto close up


Power went out while I was allllllllllllllllllllllllll alone... so I'm all "SHIT" and then looking around for a non cordless phone because all our phones require power for the fucking things to work, which sucks. So... I remember that we have one on the side of the house that daddy used to see what was up with my line, it sucked, I don't know how to fix it, it took my parents far to long to get home, and I was without computer... bad! And I was going to start the marmalade boy fic for Vanessa and now they are home and I'm not about to start... at least until they are asleep.