August 8th, 2002

Pluto close up


Stupid Tracs... giving me only 3 classes I wanted. So I had to dig through the fucking net looking for a math 10 class that fit my needs... couldn't find one, so I had to get one that doesn't end till 6 *I dislike evening classes, and now I have to walk home I think because the bus stops at like 5 or something* on the plus side... it did take away the math class from my previously hellish tuesday thursday, so I have one less class there and more breathing time. The worst was THEY DONT HAVE ANY PHILOSPHY TWO CLASSES!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGG! All of them are full or half of them got canceled... being a second year freshman units wise isn't a good thing. Ah well... at least I got japanese and cultures of asia *muwahhaahaha*. Hmm... the doggies having surgery right now *hopes his puppy is alright*
Pluto close up

Trip to the *slightly more decent* mall,

It went somewhat well... I got me 4 shirts... all from hot topic. One had Super deformed Prime in all his cuteness... the Super Deformed megatron was in red, and I do NOT wear red... well there was that one shirt I had that had Cyclops on it in 5th grade... I wish I still had that shirt so I could bask in it's glory. Oh, and theres that one club shirt that people think is gundum related... but still, that's pretty much all the red I've owned... Anywho... I got that, and two other TF shirts... one with Optimus standing over the Autobot symbol and the other with Megatron standing over the Decepticon symbol... very good shirts. I also got this one that's black with dark blue stuff on it... very cool. They didn't have the shirt I really wanted when I went to the one in the crappy mall at this mall, so I wasn't all that happy about that. Still... 4 shirts like 100 bucks... I don't like shopping for clothes, but shirts like that don't make me sorry to spend money. They also had a Thundercats shirt and I wanted one but they didn't have it in my size and it didn't have Cheetara... which is against everything I stand for. And that was all I got... it wasn't a good day for me in the other departments. My parents actually told me they would not buy me my simpsons season two on dvd... I got angry, I'm still angry. Asses! I WANT MY SIMPSONS! But, they will buy me mario sunshine... or at least give me the money to purchase it when they leave me back at chico... and really, which is more important, simpsons, or sunshine? Yeah... thought so. Went to B.Dalton... NOTHING there... seriously, no good comic book trades, and the goods ones they did have I already owned... wasn't very happy. I was looking for the death of superman trade... no go. Hmm, bad times indeed. But that was literally all I did, it was alright though... I will spend their money on stuff I want... oh yes, I will. The people still haven't added my character to that Superhero RPG thing... and it is beginning to anger me greatly... very much. ADD MY FUCKING CHARACTER BITCH! Yes... indeed... that is all
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Pluto close up

Oh yeah!

At the mall I saw the new He-man and Skeletor toys... much drooling commenced and I wanted them badly, but the fuckers were 15 dollars! Remember the days when action figures cost a whole 5 bucks... those were the days. I also found out I weighed 213 pounds, which means I'm much less fat than I thought. Still tired... and now I'm out of cheez-its... there is no justice in this world...