August 2nd, 2002

Pluto close up


Vanessa actually updated... of course, it's a useless harry potter update, but an update none the less. Have fun in Arizona you =). Try to have him LJ me because I still haven't gotten shit from him. Um.. don't let the heat kill you and be sure you have plenty of liquids
Pluto close up


they discriminate against tails so very much, I can't even slide down the stupid thing without him dying, and they cut out the part where sonic slid down the snow mountain. Methinks I need to write a story and give tails his love, LOVE FOR TAILS! Of course... I need to work on that M-boy story for a certain someone... but I don't know what to write about.
Pluto close up

Hmm, Sailor News

So... the cartoon net dropped sailor moon *again* in favor of Ed Edd and Eddy, a show, which in all honesty, needs to die. Hamtaro caused the drop because they didn't want a girly girl show leading into a show which is attracting more boys than girls *unexpected eh, since the show centers around female humans, much like sailor moon which IS a hit with guys because it's action packed and funny* so we don't have sailor moon on the tele anymore because of Hamtaro and I'm somewhat mad... but whatever, I have most of the episodes on tape. Also, ADV got the rights to the first two seasons subtitled. So now we might get the four episodes that Dic cut out of the original show, including the very important Venus in great brit episode where we actually learn stuff about her life as sailor V. Not to mention we'll see the inners *MARS MARS MARS!* DIE! *MARS DIE, YAY!!!!!* during the battle with Beryl which is a whooooooooole lot worse than Dic led us to believe. Plus, we'll see rini put a gun to usagi's head when she first appears... should this happen, I will be a happy man. I think I need to buy SuperS on dvd now... because I really need to have all the episodes and it's kinda obvious that StarS WILL someday come to america, if only on dvd which I could care less. Yeah, all 200 episodes, but fuck the movies, R was horrible, and SuperS... *shudder*
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Pluto close up


Took this test, got lily... lily is NOTHIGN like me... but eddie is, sides, I likes me my werewolves!

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Some of it's a lie too, I don't have a friend named woof woof, or a robot, and I really couldn't give a shit if my parents were okay or not, the rest is all true though.