July 28th, 2002

Pluto close up


24 e-mails... 47 bulk... I'm betting all of them are shit... time to check. Expect major update detailing the trip later, must... answer... e-mail.
Pluto close up

Le weekend

long, don't feel like doing LJ cut, so put up with it. I leave for my grandmothers on thursday night and I spend the night there, I write some, listen to Pat Benatar on the CD player, and do other stuff. I realize that I don't have my favorite shirt and I get mad, call parents, they won't bring it, I get even more mad. Little while later I try to get my contacts out and I don't have the solution either, so now I go back home, get shirt, solution, and come back to grandma's, happy. WRite some more, listen to MORE Benatar, and then go to bed. Wake up REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY early and get ready, leave for San Jo at like 4 in the morning and in the air by 6:30. Flight was cool, very pretty shots of clouds could have been taken. Find out that CD player doesn't want to work anymore *very unhappy*. Read comics, write some more, switch planes in Phoenix. of course, the fucking boarding place for the next flight is CLEAR cross the airport, and when we get out it says "now boarding" for our flight, so we run all the way to the other side, and wait like 10 minutes to load, bastards. The flight from Phoenix to El Paso was longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, and boring. Read, and wrote more. Got to the airport, met my cousin Yolanda and go to eat at some place with seafood, praying for calamari, but they didn't have it *very sad*. Go to the hospital to visit my uncle who had a heart attack, meet cousins, including twins... so it MIGHT run in my family *unless it was the other persons side, in which case, I'm fucked*. Go check into hotel and sit around doing nothing while Nina and Yolie do other stuff around town. They tell me we are going to mariachi's or whatever, I tell them I want to be alone *to write, of course*, so they let me stay alone. Aunt DOESN'T tell me where the Key is, so I can't leave the room and close it because I wouldn't be able to get back in, and I have a 300 dollar digi-cam in addition to many other things in the room, order pizza. Pizza costs me 20 fucking dollars, very unhappy, but it was decent pizza, still, 20 bucks is a rip off. I knew I should have ordered chinese. Aunt and Grandma get back later on that night and don't really do anything but sleep, so I write more. Next morning, wake up, get dressed, realize that I left my deodorant at grandma's and am very unhappy, trek on nonetheless. Go to eat at some inn, very good, and then go to the mall *genki dance*. The mall in El Paso... sucks, it's big, but it sucks, kinda like eastridge. They have an EB and that is literally the only store worth my timein the entire mall, they don't even have a fucking book store. Get a new memory card for my cube, because the other one ran out and this one has 4 times as much space *and is made by nintendo so you know it's quality*, cost me 20 bucks... but it was worth it. Go to Barns and Noble and get comic book trades *including the return of superman 400+ pages for 20 bucks... and it has Superboy!*, aunt yells at me because I waste my money on such meaningless things. Back to the hotel for an hour and get ready for the party thingy. Go to Yolies house and wait for her to get ready, Yolie has NICE house... wish I had one like that. Go to Hall thingy that they rented out, it's pretty nice, but still I'm not impressed. The party sucked, horribly. No one talked to me, and if they did, they talked to me in spanish despite the fact that I told them I DO NOT FUCKING SPEAK SPANISH! Still, they talk in spanish and then look at me, laugh, and talk more spanish. I sit on my ass the entire time sitting there because I'm bored out of my mind and they still talk spanish in front of me, they don't like me. The one person who attempted to make small talk talks about SPORTS! yeah... conversation killer. None of the cousins MY age want to talk to me, they are far to busy talking to each other in their little fucking cliques... probably because I'm part white, I'm not good enough for them, fuckers. My Aunt Martha *the only person that I met before I went there* comes, and I'm happy because she kicks ass, we talk *in english* for a little while and she goes to talk to other people, more spanish. I'm really wishing my cd player didn't die because I need SOMETHING To do, and I can't play my GBA with all that noise, so that sucked. Finally something happens where Ig et to use the digi-cam and takes pictures, it was some really nice thing where they say the name of the children, their children, and their childrens children, in order they are born, sort of like what the two people who are celebrating their 50th annivesary's love spurned. It's enough to make me cry, assuming I had emotions. After that, they dance, listen to HORRIBLE mexican music... HATE MEXICAN MUSIC, it is WORSE than Rap AND Country. still, they play a gloria estefan song and a selena song, which was somewhat decent. When they finally play english, it's the electric slide song... and like half the fucking family gets up and starts doing the electric slide. MY FUCKING FAMILY KNOWS HOW TO DO THE FUCKING ELECTRIC SLIDE! AND THEY DO IT IN PUBLIC! My family shames me greatly by doing such things. Worse, they attempt to get me into it, I stand my ground and watch as they make fools out of themselves. After that, some people leave, and theirs some really annoying dance where you do what the DJ tells you to do, sorta like DDR, which is stupid in itself *HAH*. My grandma tells me she's tired, and says we should go, so my aunt takes us home. We watch a movie and within an hour she's out, so I write some more. I go to bed around midnight and my aunt comes in at 4 *or so she says* The next morning she rides my ass about how I'm a "selfish child who couldn't handle not being an asshole for 2 more hours because her mother was having a good time", despite the fact she said she wanted to leave, but I know she knew I was bored out of my mind and took pity on me, so I officially feel bad, because I NEVER try to make my grandma unhappy, but I did there. Still, I was happy to leave that place, my family doesn't like me and it shows. Yolie comes over and we go driving around EL paso visiting random people and saying goodbye. They still attempt to talk to me in spanish and laugh as I don't answer, saying more stuff. Finally we leave El Paso and the flight home happens. The flight home sucks, I don't write anything because I don't feel like it. In the end, I don't really like being with those people, and they don't like being with me. My aunt SWEARS she won't take me back until I'm "mature" enough to be social with people who completely ignore me, yeah. I don't ever feel like going back to that place and all I want to do is go to ventura and visit my grandmothers family *the people who LIKE me, and I LIKE them*. Still, it's not entirely their fault, it's kinda hard to meet people when you're so anti-social and are older. if I was a lot younger when I met these people it would have been better, seeing as how I wasn't anything like I am now back then *happy child, liked hugs and kisses, was nice to people, still spoiled*. Get home, see the doggies, Boris almost takes my head off. Spend like two hours doing the stuff on the net that I didn't do because I couldn't get on the net in El Paso. Yeah... at least it cost my parents some cash to send me there. And now I just found out that a pet store fire in LA killed animals *cries*, those poor animals, why couldn't it be humans!!!!!!