July 24th, 2002

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I'm up...

and why am I up? Because my parents wanted to go places and they wanted to leave early so I told them to wake me up... so now I'm up, and I'm cold... and it sucks, but whatever.
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I've e-mailed Eric, hope he replies... You know, it's a good thing I'm not up this early most of the time, because theres fucking nothing to watch on television, GRRRR!
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Survey Taken from Vanessa who got it from Erin

1. The last movie I saw was: In theaters? I think it was Harry Potter... can't remember for sure
2. My favorite actor and actress is: Matt Damon and Madonna *snicker*
3. The one movie I can repeat: Only one? Try the original star wars trilogy, a gaggle of disney movies, major league two, the list goes on and on. Oh, can't forget the Grail... yes... the grail.
4. The movie I wish I never saw was: Harry Potter *shudder*
5. The one movie scene I can see over and over is: The outers Transformation scene in the S movie *MUSIC KICKS!*
6. The movie I want on DVD (or VHS) already is: I dunno...
7. My guitly pleasure movie is: Hope Floats...
8. The movie I can't wait to see is: X-MEN 2!!!
9. The one movie I still don't get is: Titanic *why did it make so much money, it sucks*
10. The one movie I wish they would make into a tv show is: I dunno

1. My favorite show is: Sailor Moon
2. The one show I am still puzzled to being on air is: Friends, American Idol, Dawsons Creek, 7th Heaven, Raising Dad, a whole lotta crappy shows.
3. The show I wish was still on tv is: DYNASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. I grew up watching: Cartoons, Dynasty, more cartoons, the Colby's, more cartoons, a whole lotta shows with my parents that my dad swears I still watch to this day.
5. I stay up late or wake up early to watch repeats of: The Cosby Show
6. My guiltly pleasure show is: It used to be undressed, but that show bores me now, so I don't really have one anymore... at least not one that I feel guilty about
7. I still can't believe that: They don't show Dynasty, DAMMIT!
8. My favorite tv theme song is: Dynasty has a kick ass theme song, andd some of the ones that open the different cosby show seasons are cool, others suck. Daria's theme song is good. A lot of theme songs are really good.
9. The one infomerical product I would buy is: I saw this thing like a hair removal pen... I dunno, I tend to stay away from the infomercials
10. The one show I wish they would make into a movie is: The Simpsons

1. The last cd I bought was: Pat Benatar's Anthology
2. The one cd I could listen to over and over is: Madonna-Like A Prayer
3. The one cd that is so bad its only good if used as a coaster is: Anything that Backstreet or N Sync makes... oh, and Vanilla Ice's 2theXtreme
4. My guilty pleasure cd is: The sailor moon best song collection I guess...
5. The one song I can listen to over and over is: Billie Jean!
6. The one song that, if I were to hear one more time, my head would burst is: Smooth by Santana and Rob Thomas... I swear, they fucking played that song wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much.
7. The most over rated artist is: Backstreet, N Sync you know, those poppy boy-bands *shudder* Ricky Martin was pretty bad too, he hasn't done shit in awhile. And we can't forget the whore Britney, can we?
8. The most Under rated artist is: Madonna *chuckle* no really... ummm GLAY!
9. The artist that will become a one hit wonder is: A pity that all the people I hate have more than 1 song...
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Random Thoughts of stupidity

I'm watching American Gladitors and the Gladitor "Laser" Kinda looks like my old RA Chris, just way more buff, shorter, and with brown hair... still, they look like they can be cousins or something. Of course, it might just be me being a crack whore... which is completely possible. Actually... I should probably change it to Random Thought... but whatever...
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Hamtaro is in reruns now... I guess like 40 episodes was all they translated so far, or however many they translated, because they are showing episode one right now. Oh, I had "the right stuff" stuck in my head earlier... it didn't make me happy.