July 19th, 2002

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It's rather sad that I don't have anything worth merit to say, so I'm doing a survery... blech, nothing happens in this boys day, maybe because he never gets out... but I digress.

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Who's Your Inner Florist/Assassin?

Woooohooo! I have no clue whom this person is, but angst = drama, drama = what I live for. Oh, I attempted to eat Red Meat today because the fuckers at wendy's didn't give me a spicy chicken they gave me a double cheeseburger... I could only eat half of it and it tasted so... bad....
Pluto close up


Mystikal, or however you spell it, is in jail for raping a 40 year old woman, or something... but he's in jail and I'm pleased.
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What song(s)

Reminds you of high school graduation: "everybody hurts" by REM, I hurt so much sitting in that damn chair waiting to get the FUCK out of high school...

Reminds you of your first boy/girl dance: Ace of Bases "The Sign"

Wish that someone had written for you: Being a guy, it's kinda hard because I likes them mushy songs... I guess "Invincible" by Pat Benatar because I've had to deal with a lotta shit...

Your favorite "hate" song: "Schools out for Summer" by whomever does it, I think it's ALice Cooper... all school save college needs to die, DIE SCHOOL!

Your favorite song with a "purpose": "Man in the Mirror" by MJ is a great song.

Your favorite one-hit-wonder: Desire's "You gotta be"

Makes you think of relaxing outside: "Kokomo" I dunno...

Want to do a striptease to: Strip? no...

Makes you think of what's going on in your love life right now: "Hell is for Children" yes, the song is about child abuse, but my parents don't pyshically abuse me so much as mentally.

Song you sing or hum to yourself to get pumped up: "Remember the time" By MJ

A "lost" song that you had forgotten about but heard again recently: Some Pat Benatar song that I didn't even know she did, can't remember which.

Makes you think of cheating on a lover: I wouldn't cheat on a lover, cheating is wrong.

Wish you could sing like: Phil Collins

Most worn out CD in your collection: madonna "like a prayer"