July 15th, 2002

Pluto close up

La-la-la, la-la-la-la

Yeah, it's a sad attempt to do the "Banana Splits" theme song, but whatever. Why the fuck do I even have that thing stuck in my head? Anywho... I didn't know that my text would be pink after posting the "I am korean" test results. I've decided to retract from my saying that the dynasty fan fiction that is availiable to me sucks... SOME of it sucks. But the BLood and Oil story that Forever Fallon has written is some damned good shit. Well, okay, some of it is good. I don't really care for the stuff that involves Jeff, Adam, Amanda, Catherine, Fallon, and some other characters. But the stuff involving Danny and LB is gooooooooooooooooooooood. This person writes some damned good angst... especially between family memebers. I like the stuff that involves Krystal (yes, the name is the reason for my having a character named Kyrstal in my ferndale series) too, because mommy said I used to loooooooooooooooooooove linda evans when I was a little boy, she was pretty I guess, but now... she's not very. Of course, being like 60 would do that to a lot of people, save cher, and even then cher looks BAD. Speaking of Linda, tomorrow Lifetime will show an intimate protrait of her, and I shall watch. The stuff with supreme bitch Alexis pleases me as well, GOD she's so beyond evil it's great. People wonder how I got my attitude, it's by watching people like Alexis when I was growing up. Also, the stuff with Sammy Jo *Heather Locklear, you may drool* is great, she's evil too. Like Vanessa said, I like my women to have 'tude... severe 'tude. I've "read" all ten parts of that persons storyline, and I await more. One thing that I've realized about the show that I really don't like is the attention to wardrobe that both it, and "the colby's" had. I really don't like fashion at all, and they make it their intent to wear like pin stripped armani and whatnot. Some of the gowns that the women wore looked pretty good though, very sexy, but still. Nothing else to add except that I'm sad that no one has done a "which dynasty character" are you most like. And no, I can't do that, I can't remember crap about any of the characters save the ones I've seen on the colby's, which I've seen like 5 episodes.
Pluto close up


The woman is drunk as always. I got to talk to my aunt because she came over and she saw my ear and asked me "Why did you get it done on your left ear." She said something about the left side being the feminine side, but she's all into that indian mumbo jumbo... so it might be different than whatever. Doesn't really matter to me though.
Pluto close up


I've seen this damned survey enough times that I had to finally take it. On a side note, why did no one inform me of Eric's deletion of his LJ account? ne?

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