July 13th, 2002

Pluto close up


I listen to this song far too much, my parents shall grow to hate it... and that is how I want it. I still can't get the stupid sound to work on some of the files that are on the cd Vanessa gave me and it angers me.
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Pluto close up


Dynasty Fan Fiction, *squee*, after I finish reading the summarys of all the episdoes... which is a loooooooooooooooong ways away, I'll start reading that... this probably isn't good. Gotta wait a bit for this stupid thing to register...
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Pluto close up


Reading through the senior year book because I'm that fucking bored... this part made me laugh "Seeing friends again, noontime activities, football games, parties, dances, BLT's, and homecoming are just a few of the exciting events the baler students look forward to as the school year commences." THEY LIE! I looked forward to NONE of these... well the BLT's because they had some damned good food, but the rest fucking blew... stupid high school. And I'm still looking for dynasty fan fiction... ain't happening.