July 12th, 2002

Pluto close up


All dressed to do something... odds of doing said something -10120923239023902139021.123
Pluto close up


I've been going through VH1's hundred greatest lists... some of these things make no sense. The beat it video is in NO way better than Billie Jean... no! And they don't even put Vogue on the 100 greatest videos of all time... they really worship that video and consider it to be Madonna's best ever, but they put like a prayer as number 2... which is fine because like a prayer is far superior to vogue anywho. And they list DEVO DEEEEEEVO you know, the "whip it" people... and... well... that was it, they list her as a better artist than Madonna, and Prince a better artist than MJ himself... blasphemy!
Pluto close up

This is beyond wrong...

As much as I LOVE Sana-chan... I am in no way like her, I was expecting the kid who's in love with her... been so long since I watched I can't remember his name. Not Hayama though, the other one.