July 11th, 2002

Pluto close up


So very hard to find all 217 episodes of Dynasty for sale... not that I would buy them, but still, to know that someone has them all in good condition... hell I might buy them, but that would be a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit load of tapes. Probably cost an arm and a leg for shipping too... dammit! Did quite a bit of writing today, I was pleased. I'll probably finish the story I'm working on tomorrow night. Yipee! Good Night
Pluto close up


I died... and I hadn't saved in like 30 minutes... this angers me greatly. Stupid Skin Eater thingys, and I was shaking the damned analog as much as I could. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.
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Pluto close up


Yahoo doesn't want to work, pissing me off. And, I've just realized something... my relatives that I haven't met probably won't like a blue eyed pierced cousin/nephew... buwahahaha, I get to freak out relatives again!