July 10th, 2002

Pluto close up


Damned monsters and their fucking magic shields... the fact that the character I'm being forced to use can only survive a single hit before he starts walking really slow doesn't help either. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow and then I'll be nice and shielded up, and the stupid monster will fall, FALL!!! Muwahahahahahahahahaha. I think my mom is kinda mad at me because I let my aunt in the house and she said not to let anyone in but somebody who's name I didn't catch, but DAMMIT she's family.
Pluto close up

Hmm... ouch

It hurt... not a lot, not enough to make me cry, but it still hurt. The worst part was when my mom told me she wouldn't let me get rings, I got pissed. I want RINGS dammit, but I got studs instead, studs suck. And then the guy told me that I wouldn't be able to take them out for at least two months... grrr. We were going to go to your house Vanessa, but then we didnt know if you were at home and mom had to get back and whatnot, so we'll stop by later. Unsolved shall soon be on, this pleases me.
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