July 7th, 2002

Pluto close up


Bored out of my MIND! Borrowed from people who borrowed from people, you know.

10 current favorite songs:
"Who's that Girl" Madonna
"Billie Jean" Michael Jackson
"The Power of Goodbye" Madonna
"White Heat" Madonna
"Sarah" Jefferson Starship
"Hell is for Children" Pat Benatar
"Trust a Try" Janet Jackson
"Search for your Love" Sailor Starlights
"Whatever Happens (Don't let go of my hand)" Michael Jackson
"That Love You Save" Jackson 5
9 all-time favorite TV shows:
Sailor Moon
Golden Girls
Unsolved Mysteries
Saban X-Men *episodes that lack wolvie*

8 all-time favorite movies:
Daria Is it College Yet
Return of the Jedi
Empire Strikes Back
Flight of Dragons
Sword in the Stone
Hope Floats
Who's that girl <------- favorite FAVORITE!

7 current favorite CD's:
Like A Prayer- Madonna
Invincible- Michael Jackson
All For You- Janet Jackson
Heart's Greatest Hits- Heart
Sailor Moon Best Songs Collection- The people who sing the sailor moon songs
Ray of Light- Madonna
Music- Madonna
Janet- Janet Jackson

6 favorite places to visit:
Ventura California
Oakridge Mall
The comic book shop

5 girls that rock your socks: *Do they have to be real?*
Sailor Pluto
Jean Grey
Wonder Woman

4 things you absolutely can't live without:
My Grandmother
My computer- (you know, the entire thing, music, games, internet, MS word for writing etc etc)
My Video Games
My doggies!
3 favorite beverages:
Orange Soda

2 all-time favorite books:
Midnight Cafe- Laurell K Hamilton
Black Moon Inn- Laurell K Hamilton
Pluto close up


Rom sites are going down at an alarming rate... I lost the godly pe2000.net... followed by the great edgeemu.com... I CANT GET ROMS ANYMORE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh, and I got opera the browser too, it's somewhat decent.