July 6th, 2002

Pluto close up


Gonna go see Starship at 8 tonight *GENKI DANCE!!* Unless they don't play Sarah, in which case, I kill them. Be my first concert too, and it's free, FREEEEEEEEEEEE!
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    Jefferson Starship-Sarah
Pluto close up


God I'm going to be watching lots and lots of Noggin... they have Daria now, even if they do bleep out janes "DAMMITS!" which kick ass. Oh... and Eternal Darkness kicks... but it's hard as hell.
Pluto close up


I wonder... is the guestbook on my site broken or is eric the only one who's signed it so far... hmmmmm...
Pluto close up


Got back like 10 minutes ago. It was decent... we got there rather tardy and I was mad because I HATE going places with my parents when there is a time that we are needed to be there because they will ALWAYS make it late, or just barely on time. So I was pissed because we wouldn't get to see the band that well due to the fact that we weren't there early enough. I was wrong... mom dragged me through the crowd *without offending anyone, was weird* and we got pretty close. They played Sarah the third song and I did the genki dance plus a squee. They also played "Nothing's gonna stop us now." and ALSO For YOU *you know who you are* they played "WE built this city on rock and roll" but they played that at the very end and we had to leave early so we could see the fire dancers, since my mom was going to be their sound person. Anywho, I dragged my dad to metropolis because I've decided to get my left ear *that's the one that you get pierced when you aren't gay, right?* pierced at the bottom and towards the top, which is going to cost like 40 some odd dollars for the piercing alone, not even counting the rings. I didn't get it done yet... my parents want me to go somewhere else and he won't be open till tuesday or something. We went back to the fire dancer place and I saw an old friend who was smoking and I told her that she was a bad person and that smoking was awful blah blah blah, and we talked about college and whatnot, she said I was cynical, I was pleased. Now I'm home and eating ice cream at 11 in the evening... mmm... ice cream.