July 3rd, 2002

Pluto close up


Yeah, so I'm woken up at like 9 in the morning because my dogs are putting a live little mouse in their mouth and fighting each other over it. I make them drop it, it's STILL alive, and it runs away, so I think that's the end of it, but like 10 minutes later they are doing it again. This time I use one of my pillow cases and wrap the mouse in it and put it outside, and that was that. Got to sleep for like another two hours before I wake up, start the computer, and look at my e-mail and I see that Vanessa's friend Eric has e-mailed me. Now, I've not met the man before, but from what she tells me he doesn't like other guys, so I'm thinking he sent me some virus or whatever. Still, I manage to click and I don't get a virus... I get a WEBPAGE!!!! *Genki dance, Genki dance* http://www.geocities.com/setfanfics/ that's MY webpage, managed by him with my writting... muwahahahaha. I am pleased. And now we get to go to the comic book store, and life will be good... oh yes, life will be good. at least for like 2 minutes. I still feel bad for the mousey though... hope it's okay.
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Pluto close up


I had a post all set up, but then I clicked spell check and the thing froze and ate everything, so I got mad. Anywho, I'm being lazy and don't feel like typing up all the comic reviews I had up now... so here's a quick recap with grades that Id give the books

Marvel Knights #4 D
Alias #11 B
Fantastic Four #58 B
Marvel Knights Double Shot #4 C
TMNT #4 A-
Uncanny X-Men #408 B-
Justice League Adventrues #9 C+
Hawkman #5 B
Avengers #55 A
Young Justice # 47 B
Elektra #12 B

Sorry, just not in the mood... but I AM in the mood to do a survey... so I'll get started on that and post it when I'm done