July 2nd, 2002

Pluto close up


My doggie is cute... I was about to jump in the shower, so I throw my clothes on him, covering up his face and then I take my shower. I come out like 15 minutes later, he's just standing there with the clothes still over his head... so cute.
Pluto close up


This could get bad... my cousin and her ex-husband, are in the house at the same time. Gotta make sure someone doesn't kill someone else.
Pluto close up

My uncle = moron

Yeah... I dislike my Uncle very much, I don't DETEST him like I do my grandfather, but I don't like the man either. He's borderline retarded and makes it his mission in life to bug the shit out of me whenever he's here with me and we're alone,which is unfortunetly getting more and more frequent now. Anywho, on this visit he asks me "were there a lot of chocolate people at chico?" Now, I've put up with plenty of his moronic questions since I've been home like "Do mexican's go to college?" "Do you like black people who go to college" and the like, but I've had my fill of his shit, and it was past time I snapped at him. So he asked me that question I said "would you fucking stop asking me stupid ass questions about my god damn college?" It shut him up pretty fast, and I thought he would take the hint not to ask me stupid shit anymore, and I was pleased. A little while later he asks me "Do you know Blonde people at college?" It's pretty obvious at this point in time that nothing I do will get through to his thick skull, so I say "yes, I do" and he gets pissed at me because he's a racist shithead. I REALLY don't like my uncle. Later, my doggie comes up to his face and licks him, and he yells something at her and I tell him to leave my dog alone, he says that she licked him and I tell him that if he doesn't like it he's more than welcome to leave. Uncle gets his boxers up his ass or whatever and starts storming around telling me how he's going to tell my father about how I told him to get the fuck out of my house and leave my damn god alone. Whatever, who's daddy going to believe, his well known idiot of a brother, or me, his son? Score- Me 1 Uncle 0.