June 29th, 2002

Pluto close up


Yeah... two years in a row where my birthday has pretty much been nothing but shit... I mean honestly. My cousin, her husband, and my second cousin *their daughter, cute as hell for a little kid too, my defenses are weakening*, come down because they have a wedding to go to tomorrow, so that's good because I get to see my cousin who I haven't seen in like two years or something, and I like her, started off good. ANd then there's the whole dvd thingy from yesterday, still loving that. Anywho, after they leave the ex comes over here, calling her an ex is a tad bit to strong though, because we never did anything and we just claimed to be going out, I was in eight grade, and she was in sixth *my school was k-8 so don't go thinking I dated some elementary school girl while I was in JR High, we all went to the same... horrible... school*, she brings me a cake that she baked... it had that really good vanilla frosting with the yummy YUMMY little drop sprinkle thingys... mmmm. So I had some of that, it was good. Anywho, me, her, and mommy all pile in the red car *which I STILL hate*, and we are going to go to the ex's house to get her purse, but her mom and little sister pull up right as we are leaving, so the little sister *who isn't right... honestly, but still, I love her in the same way that I love the ex, sorta like a little sister thingy* comes with us, and we all drive to my best friends house *their big sister*, who I haven't seen since Jan. she's at HOME *shocker* and so I talk to her for like 20 minutes, which kicked., because I loooooooooooooooooooove my best friend so much, she didn't give me anything, despite the ex claiming that she said she had a present for me, but its all good. Leave the little sister and now it's the three of us and we drive to nob hill to go shopping for the cake. I find a good cake... but it ends up being chocolate... which I detest, I mean DETEST! I hate chocolate cake... but I like other forms of chocolate, I just don't do cake. Anywho I have to pick another cake, that has a fourth of july theme... and a little flag, which means that people think I'm a patriot... grrrrrr. After that's done mom makes me pick out ice cream, I tell her, I don't WANT ice cream, but she does not listen, so I get strawberry ice cream... it later turned out to be a good idea. After that we trek home and me and the ex watch some Sailor Moon on the dvd player, much fun. Anywho, after that they cut cake and sing *which I HATE more than many a thing, so I close my door*, the cake is decent but is basically the ONLY time my dad spent with me the entire day... and that was all but 2 minutes. Oh yeah, and sometime between the time that it took for us to watch SM and cut the cake, mom gets hammered again. She knows how MUCH I HATE her getting drunk, but yet, she can't keep her demons in check for one fucking day, her fucking sons birthday, so they start yelling at each other like they always do, and that pretty much ruined the day, I hate it when my parents argue to begin with but still to agrue today is like totally disrespectful. We don't even HAVE dinner, at all, she offers me turkey sandwhiches... yeah, good birthday dinner there mom. No dinner, I mad... I wanted something from a restaraunt and whatnot, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I suppose it was better than last year... which I spent at chico during the five days of hell program, but still, I expected more, is it so much to ask that I WANT to spend some time with my parents, while my mother is sober, together? I guess it is. She just gave me thirty dollars and a nifty card, but that does not quench my anger... not by a long shot. Of course, I'm probably just acting spoiled, but that is my way. *end rant*
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Pluto close up


According to He-Man.org, the new he-man cartoon is to be preceeded by the new transformer cartoon, based on the upcoming transformer Armada comic... mmmm.