June 26th, 2002

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What the hell is up with Fanfiction.net lately... it was down, said it would be back up, it was back up still wouldn't show new fics, it went back down, comes back up but takes away all reviews, goes back down, comes back up, goes back down. God I'm so happy that Vanessa is making a website where people and view my works... but I still want to read some of the stuff that they have on ff.net too, dammit! New season of ressurection blvd. starts in less than an hour and a half *dances*. Oh yes, I took some more cans and bottles and glass, got 40 bucks... not THAT much, but should keep me content with my comic habit for a little bit.
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Comic book day!

Yeah you know the drill... gots me some new comics today and I'll gibe you my impressions, lets see how this weeks books fared, shall we?

Green Arrow #14 Finally I get another damned Green Arrow book... it only took them what, a month and a half after the ALREADY delayed #13 to come... well, when you want a Kevin Smith book this is what you get used to... waiting, much waiting. Anywho, it appears that Green-Arrow lite may not make it after becoming the victim of the Villain onimonipeia *spelling, I know*. Ollie has to give blood to Connie in order for him to have any chance at living at all. The news, obviously gets plastered all over the television, and Oracle finds out, who tells Dinah, and Dinah thinks it's ollie and starts to get happy when it isn't, but then she finds out its Conner and she's less than pleased. Anyway, Ollie gives mucho blood and isn't all there... but the guy who did it to his son is, and he finds out and goes to try and save him, Dinah gets shot and conked in the head with a really big lightbulb thingy, so it's a less than up to speed Ollie vs Onimonipeia, and that's how the book ends. If we are lucky we'll see the conclusion sometime within the next year, if we are REALLY lucky we might see it by the end of summer. Still, a good issue and a horrible pity that Kevin is gonna go... *sniff* Grade: B+

Spider-Man/Black Cat, the evil that men do- what is this? TWO Kevin Smith books on sale in the same week, someone pinch me, please. LIttle miss Kitty is living in LA now and she's called by someone because he/she is looking for some girl named Trish, and they want Felicia to find her for them, so she treks over to NYC. Peter on the other hand, is busy on the trail of some people who caused some honor roller from his high school to OD on heroin. Wacky Hijinks involving Peter giving the illusion that he's going to eat the bad guy... you know, the usually Kevin Smith lovelyness. Anyway, they both track some Actor guy who enjoys fucking young boys but has to hire someone so that the public doesn't know he's gay, but in the end both the actor and the beard die, the victims of the same thing that killed the honor roll kid. Great Art, Great Story, great everything. Again, lets hope we get another issue before I join the hair club for men. Grade: A

JLA # 67 Kyles currently on the injured list... or so it would seem. Boy is looking for some recovery time after having trip acidish dreams about himself dying or something like that. The aztec oogey boogeys that were in the last issue have put the rest of the league to sleep with a spell, but of course, batman, simply because he is batman, breaks free of the spell in time to save everyone. A big time brawl ensues and they capture the shaman guy who tells them that they will bring the end of the world so they must be killed, and then he runs away. Some random activities happen in the atlantis trench and they go to see what's up, again, the shaman man shows up, casting some spell. The spell goes off, and just like that Atlantis pops back into reality, not looking very pretty, but not all the way gone. Setting the seeds for a mega-event that is going to take place for 6 bi-weekly issues starting in august and will have Green-Arrow (ollie) in the JLA... can't wait. This issue, however... seemed a little to jammed for me, but not enough to make it a bad read. Grade: B

Amazing Spider-Man #42 The really amazing thing is that I can remember the last time I bought the other issue of Amazing... JMS is ACTUALLY starting to ship on a less delayed time frame... good for us too, because this issue kicks. Spidey runs over to Doc Strange's house to ask about the Shade, and he contemplates the situation in a sequence that will make you laugh a lot. The rest his time spent at the house is pretty funny too, but I don't want to ruin it for you. Shade and Spidey meet and fight on the astral plane, and spidey is able to get all the people who disappeared back to the real world, one little kink though, it took an entire night, the only night MJ was going to be in town. Spidey's Astral form see's her leave and he attemtps to tell her things, things that will make you feel so bad because you can see how much he misses her. DAMN YOU JMS! DAMN YOU FOR MAKING THIS BOOK SO FUCKING GOOD!!! Grade: A

That's all I really have time for right now, I'll update again with the rest later... my show is going to be on in a bit... toodles
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I am one pissed off boy, they killed Luke off in such a horrible way, the classic "kill the character just before/after they wed someone" You know, when Dillon got married to that girl with the mob father and she went to see him but he thought it was dillon and he wanted to kill dillon so he had the snipers shoot the car only to have it be his daughter. Or when Sydney married that guy and they were going to take the picture and she got hit by the car, or like a bazillion other cases of such stupidity, I was really thinking Ressurection Blvd would be different... I guess not. And the previews for the next episode show that Carlos is going to propose to someone... that's messed up, who the hell would propose to someone like a week after his little sisters fiancee got killed... and she's a mexican too. I'm thinking that they killed Luke off simply because he was white. very bad people.
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MORE comic book reviews

Continuing what I started ealier.

X-men Evolution #8- The entire basis of this is to focus on the morlocks in their "first" appearance. Jean is playing soccer and she starts to get some vision of a person in pain, that person would be the accursed Warren Worthington the III. So the core evo team, sans Logan *YAY!* goes on a mission to safe Angel from whatever is causing him pain, it ends up being Callisto and co. Of course, Storm's claustrophobia comes into play, and she's a little less calm than she normally would, but in the end they get him out and he asks Jean on a date, which upsets Scott. The wierd thing is last time they said something about being continued, but the story that they are continuing is basically ONE page long, and it says TBC again... grr. Not a very good issue, but not bad either Grade C

X-Force #129 The team, still reeling over the loss of their precious U-go-girl, is somewhat reclusive, and rumors are amid of her death, the only thing that they DO confirm is that the Spike died in the mission that also claimed Edie's life. Guy is coming apart because the owner of X-force is telling him to play it off like she's still alive and get the hype up and then tell them the truth later, so they could get more money, which obviously pisses the man off to NO end. Doop gets kinda mad too, but you know doop, can't really say anything. Side plots include the accusation of Phat's love affair with Miles, which he denys, much to the displeasurement of his loverboy Miles. The funny thing is, I kinda had a feeling he would be a closet gay when he looked at the Pink guy wierd when the pink guy, who's name I can't remember for the life of me, said something about there being nice roosters shaking their asses, and I turned out to be right. The other involves the budding romance of Dead girl and Tyke, but that seems to go down the tubes when she accuses him of doing it with her just so he could say he fucked a corpse... and then she runs off. This is easily the least action packed x-force that we've gotten with the new run, and the last issue of the actual title, which is going to be renamed X-statix come next month, and it didn't have Allreds art, which hurts the book because the tone that his art sets meshes so well with the tempo. A weaker issue for certain, but still worth the time. Grade B

Action Comics #792 This is one of those issues where we get to peak into the man, not the Super... honestly, I didn't care for this issue enough to pay attention and give it a grade, maybe when I re-read it, I will. Grade N/A

Thanos: Infinity Abyss #2 The defenders make a two page appearance and get swallowed by the anti-matter cube thingy, leaving Doctor Strange all alone, poor guy. Meanwhile, on Thanos' big ship, He, Pip, and Moondragon are all sitting there while Moony gets a connection with pupa boy Adam Warlock. Her connection with him causes him to come back into our reality, although a bit crazy, till the titan shows him that something is up. We also find out that Thanos looks like the Wizard, just really ugly. The series has decent art, but nothing else for the most part, lets hope it gets better, and fast. Grade C

Wonder Woman #182 Does anyone else think this whole angle of the lost city of Shallaballa or whatever it's called, is getting just a LITTLE worn out? It also doesn't help that Jimenez is just writting most of the part, and only drawing the side, more interesting, story. The only thing that is of merit here is Cassie's two page part where she actually meets her father face to face for the first time, but she doesn't talk to him yet, they save that for next month. The main part is that Wonder Woman, Trevor, and the various races of the place that they are stranded at, taking it to Villainy Inc, and, aside from Diana, of course, getting their asses handed to them on a silver platter. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a better story for the next arc, if not only a couple of stand alones... Grade D
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