June 23rd, 2002

Pluto close up


Going to the shitty mall... but hey, I'm going to a mall, I should be happy... right? I hate going to Northridge, but that's the mall we almost ALWAYS go too... it has NOTHING and it angers me to no end. Anyways, daddy was like I'm not fucking taking you to the mall, I don't need anything, but Auntie needs to go to the mall and I told her yesterday that mommy might want to go so call and ask, so she calls today and now they probably think that I had this whole thing plotted out in advance, which I didn't, but whatever. So now they wanted to do something with me, but now they don't, which is rather fucked up... but whatever. I have a whole 14 dollars accreddited to my name... whoopie.
Pluto close up


I forgot to mention, the beach boys were UGLY AS FUCK! And that was when they were young and had hair... one of them looks like... god I don't know how to describe it, but he doesn't look good... *shudder*. They make good music though.
Pluto close up


Just got done watching my new Pat Benatar in concert DVD... gods I love that woman. Apparently she goes on tour every summer so it might look like I'll go see her *squee*... got that at the mall, plus a new JLA trade paper back and 5 blank cd's so I can FINALLY burn vanessa all the episodes of rainbow brite... must go see what happened at king of the ring and then hopefully get some writing done.