June 19th, 2002

Pluto close up


Bored, tired, and up... grrr. Watching the Endevour land, but they have some pop related show on Vh1 classic, time to change it. Watched Smallville last night, simply because Shawn Ashmore was on it... heheh, much love for Shawn, who played Bobby in X-men, muwahaha! Last night some stupid ass who used to live in a trailer behind the house decides to cause DRAMA like at 9 in the evening and starts yelling at my uncle and calling him a punk, so my uncle smacks him on the side of the head and tells him to shut the fuck up, or something like that, and the guy, who has a broken arm from a motorcycle accident that happened two weeks ago, or something like that, grabs something that was a pipe, or a crowbar or something, and hits my uncle in the arm with it. Nothing else happened, but then the guy calls at 11:45 and starts to talk to my dad, whatever I never liked that guy and he's finally gone. He was only supposed to stay back there for two weeks after I went back to school from winter break, and I come home for SUMMER Vacation, and he still lives in the back... yeah, two weeks turn into half a year fast don't they! But again, he is gone, and life is good. Except now my parents won't let me take the cans to the recycle place till Saturday, which blows, but whatever. I have to wait for my Cyclops bobble toy... *sulks*
Pluto close up


Stupid ff.net, not letting me get into my fics that I don't have saved on this computer and cutting and pasting them... bastard. Daddy needs to get home and take me to the comic book store! COMICSSSSSSS!
Pluto close up

Comic book day!

Young Justice #46 In keeping up with the Kon love that I've been feeling as of late I can say that I should have gotten into this series a whole lot earlier, very funny writing and it lacks impluse! Muwahahahaha! The Team is attempting to pick a leader via democracy, with hilorous results. Grade: A-

Birds of Prey #44 It has Green Arrow... but not the Ollie version, no, we get Green Arrow Lite, his boy connor. Pretty Art, and it's the start of a new arc so it's kinda slow, but not really my cup of tea. Grade: C

Fantastic Four #57 I really don't know WHAT happened in this issue... and I honestly don't care because it involves the thing, who I don't much care for, has good art, but again, not really anything I care about, hopefully it'll get better. Grade: D

Superman, the Man of Steel #127 With Lois currently taking up powers as a fucking god... you'd think she would smack down Wonder Woman for loving her hubby, that don't happen... Instead they have a great talk which resolves with Lois renouncing her godhood, period. Great Lois/Diana moment, not as good as the entire issue that Phil had back when, but a close second. Grade: B

Justice League Adventures #8 Cheap, and not really worth it, I don't want to say what happened, just avoid it! Grade: N/A

JSA #37 The end to a great story arc, and it has gooooooooood stuff happening in it. A character "dies" only to be reborn in a new, unexpected way. Two characters join up, one who will probably make people VERY happy, as he is one of the DCU's more popular chracters that lacks a book of his own at the moment, and a pretty shock ending... looks like it'll be something cool coming up soon. Grade: A

New X-Men #128 PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTY Jean Cover... mmmmmmmmmmm. Features pretty much nothing but Xavier/Jean talking about her expanding powers, and the phoenix... let's just say that this whole Jean Emma thing won't be pretty because the last time Jean and Emma clashed when Jean had the phoenix... it wasn't pretty. And it appears that a head is coming soon, given the end of the issue. Grade: B

Ultimate X-Men #19 The WORST art I have seen in this title ever... and it's not a very good issue either, they KILLED Betsy, AGAIN! You know, they kill my Betsy in regular cont. and now here in the ultimate... grrr. Also, Bobby appears to be going somewhere else, which sucks because bobby kicks ass as well... overall, not good, but shows promise for later stories. Grade: C

Harley Quinn #21 Harley's in hell for some unknown reason, and she gets help with a bunch of other dead baddies, like Terra... Jonah Hex makes an appearance too. All I can REALLY say is that I miss the doodson art, but they are busy with the whole Spidey/Black Cat thing that'll take a year for Kevin to finish... Harley's title lacks the charm it did when they were handling the art though, and it's a charm that the book really can't do without. Grade: C-

Side Note: FF.net is down till Friday Saturday or Sunday... bah! Double post... blame the LJ!