June 12th, 2002

Pluto close up


The phone started it's shit again, and I wasn't able to get online for like seven hours, GOD DAMMIT this pisses me off. The phone man is coming tomorrow from 8-12 to get it all fixed up... hopefully. Went to the comic book store today and I didn't get TWO books... one of which is the very important to me birds of prey... birds of prey is great, GREAT! Dammit... I probaly didn't look hard enough. The other one was Hunter:Age of Magic... but Hunter hasn't been pleasing me as of late. Last week I wasn't able to get JL Adventures but that was the only book I couldn't get. The urge to get the Scott bobble head was great, and I would have caved if I had the money to do so... but as soon as I get some you damn well know the bobble head doll WILL be mine, muwahahaha. I'm going to blow so much money on statues and whatnot this summer... it's not even funny. *sigh*