June 9th, 2002

Pluto close up


My phoneline cuts out for like hours at a time, which leaves me without the internet and angers me greatly. It sucked too because the last cut out was when Vanessa logged on, and reading her LJ... well she might have needed someone to vent too, and Dammit I'm good at that. Yeah... really good at venting/listening to people vent. Oh Well, I got to work on my superboy fic a little, but I only got like two pages done, and I ended where Chapter Three will begin. The damned thing is 7 and a half pages but only 4k+ words... I have far to much talking and not enough describing, but if you people would read my damned storys, linked at my homepage *shameless plug, I know this* you'd realize this. Hmmm GA was fun, I still can't walk right because well... I'm still recovering from it all. And contrary to Vanessa's post I did not INSIST she kept them, I know she wanted them, and besides she PAYED for the spider-man, we went "halfers" on the goblin as it was. She managed to coerce me on both the bumper cars AND Top Gun... two rides that I don't like much, but now I can drive the bumper cars without getting stuck in a corner for the whole right like I used too, which is a good thing. We went on the rip roaring rapids which kicked ass because there was NO line at all, and that damned thing can have some freaking long ass lines... I was pleased... TILL WE GOT DRENCHED! They changed that ride so you will get like 10 times as wet as they used to have it... still, it kicked ass. We never did go on that thingy that takes you across the park, like a skyline or something like that because the lines were always really long and it pissed me off because I was tired of walking dammit! To make up for it we did spend like 10 minutes in the spiny thing that goes up and down just sitting on our asses doing nothing but talking. She tells me that I need to talk to people more here because they think that since I have only 2 friends that it's a private thingy... it's not, I don't mind having people talk to me, honest. So talk... PLEAAAAAAAAASE! I try to talk but I don't really know what to say unless I know the person. I felt bad though because I did post something on someones LJ about going to Imdb for a hamtaro cast list... and they didn't have one when I went *sorry*... nothing else really, I should probably get back to work on Le ficcie.