June 6th, 2002

Pluto close up

X2 news!

Kelly Hu is going to be in X-Men two as a villain... mmmm Kelly Hu. Oddly enough the MAIN villain is somebody named Striker... anyone ever heard of a striker in the regular x-books? anyone? They also cast Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler, which is funny because I'm pretty sure he's who wizard cast in X-men two a while back, and some other kid named Aaron Stanford as Pyro... methinks the first person who played Pyro wasn't up to contract or something? Hmmm... Mystique is going to be back as well, let's hope she has more than one line... BRING BACK BOBBY OR I KILL YOU! Soon I must take a shower and get read to clean my aunts house.
Pluto close up


It is a good day... first I do housework for the aunty and I'll get paid 40 bucks for doing so, then I get KFC... KFC is yummy. Come home, paper to read, see that guy who was driving recklessly and got into an accident which killed the evil that is Ryan Perry *or was...* has himself been sentanced to 8 months of jail time and 300 hours of community service, he himself a jock. I also look down more and see that evil EVIL Coach Dillon has been fired for touching a female students boobies... and look down again to see that old old friend Natalie has been crowned Rodeo Queen, you go girl!
Pluto close up


What Element Are You?

I sure wouldn't be considered a goth... but DAMMIT I'm a fucking individual... and now this Individual is going to take out the garbage. Go me! Oh yeah, I gots a plot for another story, which I shall begin later today.
Pluto close up

Theres work to do!

Working on my latest fic as we speak... so far it seems like it'll have a lot of inside jokes for those few of us who read DC books... how many of us are there.. 5, 6 maybe?
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