June 5th, 2002

Pluto close up


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At the point where we are in the show I have not met this Maxwell... and from wha the results showed there are 15 hamsters at minimum... and people thought keeping track of the Senshi was hard... pfft.

Pluto close up


are the Fiction Alley Modz. Ever hard-working, forever maligned, you protest violently that there is no Inner Circle, whilst busily enslaving minions and alienating others on your way to Fandom domination. It never looks like an Inner Circle from the inside, but you're so well-hidden by your Outer Inner Circle, your Quasi-Outer Circle, and your Outer Circle Proper that you wouldn't be able to find our way back to fandom without a trail of rock cakes to lead you there.

Find out which inner circle you are.

IT doesn't involve those fucking harry potter books... I am pleased. To hell with the Inners... tis all about the outers.
Pluto close up

Comic book Day!

Short reviews of comics that I purchased this week for your reading pleasure.

Transformers Generation one #3
AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! GRIMLOCK, GRIMLOCK GRIMLOCK GRIMLOCK GRIMLOCK!!!! My favorite TF and he talked... BUT he said that he didn't want to fight. Grimlock loves a good scrap more than anything else... this new comic has changed his outlook on life... but it was for the better. My Man Grimmy has a heart too, and even he grows tired of fighting *wipes away a tear* Grade: A+

The Mighty Thor #50
Expensive ass issue 5 dollars people, 5 fucking dollars, but DAMN was it worth it. 64 pages, 5 dollars, half of it a story made of nothing but splash pages. Thor ain't all lovey dovey for the people of midgard *that's us humans*, he got a tad bit mad... it was cool. And him and Amora are in love too... ooooooooo tingly. Grade: A

Fantastic Four #56
This story revolved around Ben Grimm returning to Yancy Street. Now, let us get one thing clear, I don't much like the Thing, I only dislike Reed more of the four members. Still, it was a somewhat entertaining story about Ben's past, worth a read. Grade: C+

Alias #10
Another Story of semi-splash pages, but no REAL Dialog, it was all like a pre-happened story in which Jessica is hired by JJJ to find out who Spidey is... somewhat good art, for this title at least, and slightly entertaining, certainly not the best... but not the worst either. Grade: C

Uncanny X-Men #407
Story that lacks Wolvie... good, very, VERY good. Kurt meets an old friend from his circus days after he blindly teleported to save himself and chamber from going boom with the blackbird. Kurt kinda goes through a personality crisis and whatnot. Decent as well, but I haven't much liked Joe's run. Grade: C

Hawkman #4
The end of the first Arc of this Title... Probably the Hawksters like 5th attempt at a solo title... let's hope this one lasts. Not very good... but it had Green Arrow at the end, and for that alone it gets a higher grade Grade: C-

Marvel Knights Double Shot #3
The first half of this story features art by Greg Horn... and DAMN is it good, practically picture perfect quality and it involves Elektra, who Horn makes look EXTREMELY Sexy... MMM. Other half involves Cloak and Dagger, two highly underused Marvel Characters, so I was happy they got a spot on the double shot, wasn't a good story though, and not good art. My first read through didn't really help me discover what happened, still, worth it for the elektra stuff Grade: B

Avengers #54
The end of like a 5 part story... and god did it suck. Cap fights Kang and wins *big surprise*, they put kang in a prison and his son Marcus breaks him out. Kang says something about his son being a traitor and kills him. Eh... Busiek probably isn't going to go out with the bang that he deserves. Just 5 more months till JLAvengers... 5 more months... 5 more months... Grade: D

Superboy #100
THe last issue of Superboy's title, and the entire reason why I purchased it. I'm not that big a fan of "the kid" but this was supposed to have a big change involving big supes... and I likes big supes. The first like 8 pages involved Dubbilex recalling what it was like caring for Kon when he did. It was pretty funny because part of it involved the "death of superman" video game and Kon saying that Dubbilex didn't want Kon to beat his score. The other part involved Kon doing something or other in metropolis... blah blah blah. Anyways the end shows Supey telling Kon to live with the Kents, and I think I saw Krypto! Not a worthy last issue if you think about it... but hey, I wasn't a long time fan so I probably just didn't get it. Grade: C-

New X-Men #127
Xorn is the focus of this issue, and that's pretty good because we don't know much about the chinaman with an iron mask and whos head is basically a star. Apparently it was him who allowed the Prof to walk again, and they are talking about how he was caged in china for the first couple of pages. After that Xorn goes to "mutanttown" or something like that and tries to save a mutant, but fails in vain. Saying that if the mutant was only given 10 more days he would have become something beautiful... I felt bad for Xorn, I really did, but I didn't have much of an attachment to the kid and his mom. Still a good issue. Grade:B

SuperMan #183
*sniffle sniffle* Let us take time to Mourn the last issue on this title of the team of Loeb McGuinness and Smith... I am sad to see two of them... maybe all three, off this, the core, superbook. Clarky boy ran a story about how Lexy knew that all the people would die in last summers dud event Our worlds at war. The entire JLA *sans Aquaman, who's DEAD! Dances around screaming stupid fish man is dead* guest stars, and they made the martian manhunter look like a bell... very funny. Clark gets "fired" from the daily planet, but it's all a lie because he's really going undercover, but Lois doesn't know this... methinks that's gonna play into a story later on. Grade: A

Soooooo you should REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLY Get Transformers Gen 1 #3... and if you have the money try and get Thor #50, and if you are that rare breed of comic fan who enjoys DC *yes, there are a few of you... honestly you people don't give DC enough credit* you ought to pick up Superman #183.. and don't forget to show your love for the dinobots next month when dreamwave releases their dinobot poster, I got the money stashed away as we speak! My my this is one long post