June 1st, 2002

Pluto close up


Hooray, I'm going bowling *sulks in his chair*, why the hell does mother assume I care about bowling? Foolish woman, oh well, at least I'll get some nummy nummy cheese-sticks. Oh yeah, I fucked up with some stories and could get sued, blah blah, anyways long story short. I used a created character without giving credit to the creator, so I went back to the two stories that used her and I changed the name and said I was sorry to the creator, the changes haven't showed up on ff.net yet, but it takes at least a day, maybe by the time I get back from bowling they will be up. Just hope my ass doesn't get taken to court, I don't do well with Lawyers... damned that guy who got OJ off the hook, can't remember his name, but he pretty much showed me that courts are corrupt, corrupt indeed... stay away from the courts people!