May 24th, 2002

Pluto close up


Got to sleep in my QUEEN SIZED BED... in my OWN room, use a PRIVATE *well, kinda*, Bathroom, and go into the shower BAREFOOT! Life... it isn't great, but it isn't the dorms, which makes it much more tolerable.
Pluto close up


I miss my ethernet a lot... gods how I miss my hyper fast connection and not fearing the every 2 minute disconnect that my local ISP provides. Oh well... I took a shower at home... it felt great, so very great. My parents are leaving me to watch the dogs... they couldn't even wait 24 hours before they made me watch them... greaaaaaaaat
Pluto close up


None of my stories on have gotten a single new review in like a week and a half... DAMMIT! Are people just not reviewing, not reading, or is it being stupid and not letting reviews show up... fucking hell.