May 21st, 2002

Pluto close up


History final in just under an hour and a half... god I loathe this class... one more day... just one more day, and then after that I'm all done till Thursday when I take a final and go home, HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait... Home is hollister... but home is not here, which is good, yes, good... stupid history final.
Pluto close up


Shameless Woman... enjoying the Norman slash, and my god is comic book norman ooooooooooooooooooooooooold, plus he was "dead" for like what, 25 years. Speaking of slash, looking at they had MUCH Logan slash, didn't read any of them, but I chuckled because the people enjoy writing slash about shameless whore man Logan, buwahahaha. There was a Prof/Scott slash story... and I cringed... oh lord how I cringed. Oh, took the history final, probably got like a D... sold my books and got 66 dollars... wait 68, was pleased.
Pluto close up


Hey Vanessa, reading your post about being a virgin, but on one of those testing things that you love to put up you said that you had sex like two weeks ago... so which one is the lie eh? or is there some new definition of virgin that I don't know about that allows you to retain your virginity after doing the deed. EH? EH! Anywho went to the comic book store looking for belated mommy's day present... nada... but I did get me two boosters of heroclix... in which I got a WOLVIE! *grrrr's* but I also got a Scott *beams*, no Jean, and No unique, but that black panther figure sure looks like he'll come in handy. Went to the library for a study session for my geosciences class that I THOUGHT was 7-9... it's now 8-10, which means I'm gonna miss the buffy season finale... grrr, I wanted to see what happens with Dark Phoenix Wilow, yes I know about blank tapes but I don't have ANY! Grrrr again.