May 16th, 2002

Pluto close up

Ep 2

It was decent... the part with yoda jumping around and basically just showing us why he kicks so much ass was by far the best part... that is all.
Pluto close up

Work in progress...

Things to get while I'm at home over the summer: DVD Player... New stereo system *the old one refuses to play Like a prayer... that is unacceptable*, kinda sucks too because I've barely had the damned thing for a year. Tons o Anime Dvd's *I've been slacking, so sad.* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODLES of Transformer related merchandise *I told the guys at the comic book store that I'd spend so much money on TF related whatnot over the summer that it wouldn't be funny* But Dammit I want my TF and TF I shall have! *Pets the box set* Also need new star fox game.. and other related nintendo games... death to microsoft, death to microsoft.Hey Vanessa is it just me or is your Icon from that evil film Titanic? That is highly unacceptable... nothing else to really add except I might be getting allergies... which blows.