May 8th, 2002

Pluto close up

Comic Books!

I would just like to reiterate my point: Wolvie sucks, Scott rules, end of story. Anywho today is comic book day *dances* and I've read three of my however many titles I got heres my thoughts.

Transformers Generation 1 #2: It had Grimlock... Grimlock did not talk, but Grimlock kicked some ass none the less... I have reason to celebrate. Preeeeeeeeeettttttttttty art, and Spike being anal because Prime let his daddy die... good shit.

Amazing Spider Man #40: For the record, I didn't just buy this because of the movie, I started buying starting with the Black issue *36* in november, sad that it's been like 8 months yet only four books have come out... anyway, Good book too. MJ was in it... MJ preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttty. Aunt May told Jonah that she's not gonna read the bugle anymore because they talk much smack about Spidey, who she now knows is Peter. Peter tries to find out why drug using kiddies are dissapearing, keep them dead I say, and he fights some guy who can phase in and out of being solid. It was funny because he threw a can lid at the guy and let it bounce of two walls then it hit the guy who became solid and spidey said "You watch Captain America fight a couple times you pick up a little..." Or something like that, very funny.

Green Lantern 150: Big Issue had to get, Jim Lee cover... mmmm Jim Lee art. Kyle Rayner is a mexican... that alone made the 3.50 worth it, Kyle Rayner is a mexican... wow. THey mentioned Crisis and had a picture of the monitor... that was great too. Kyle gives up his super duper Ion powers and becomes just GL again... good stuff, go Judd. Now I start reading Green Lantern... like my comic book habit needs more titles, but what the hell.

THat it for now gimme a little while longer to read more