April 27th, 2002

Pluto close up

Hmm part two

I've actually changed my mind... I have decided to write in the memory of Left eye and not let my grief for a fallen star head my
"talent". Spilled some soda on the keyboard earlier and now the "T" key feels like not working a couple of times... it is angering me greatly. Lets hope my writings do the woman who I am dedicating them to justice... see the T didn't work on the "to" both times I typed them... stupid keyboard, stupid soda, stupid drunk people, stupid spongebob squarepants...
Pluto close up

Hmmm Cubed

I've decided to put a halt on future Ferndales for a little bit, I was attempting to write part 11 and I got stuck. I know that if I get writers block just move onto other projects. And besides... I've written ten ferns... I think its time for a break. Now I can write some more Sailor Moon and anything else that comes to mind... I'm actually thinking about writing another fic that will haunt me much like "the gift" did... shameless shameless me, but that is the way it goes.