April 26th, 2002

Pluto close up


Drunk people suck. Drunk people suck, a lot. Last night drunk people decided to get into arguing fight right in front of door. For no less then an hour... Granted there are some amusing drunk people, as roommie stated while drunk even Eric will say stuff... odd ain't it. Speaking of roommie... he has the uncanny ability to sleep through anything... Anyways people were yelling, someone got kicked in the nuts twice... very ouchies, and all over a fucking cell phone and room key. RA boy decided to go home... but I already e-mailed him because I had nothing better to do with my free time so what the hell, he's the RA he should know what kind of shit goes down. Oh and Matt it was Mechoopda *or however you spell it* that the other guys were from.
Pluto close up


It would appear that writing will halt for a tad... this whole Left Eye kicking the bucket thing is making me not want to write... at least not for now... Looks like people get a break from my writing... hooray.