April 25th, 2002

Pluto close up


The mail gods have not shined on me... it is already 4:21 and the mail is STILL not here... bastards. I want my magazines which may or may not come in today, and even if they did come in there is a slight chance that they either A) Got stolen in the mail room, or B) will come in such a battered condition that they will probably not be readable to begin with. *sigh*. One more month of the dorm mail system... I doubt I can take it. I turned in all my info for University Village *where I will be living next year and with my luck I won't get a cluster and I'll have to share a room with someone AGAIN, ARG ARG ARG!* If there is a higher power I will so not get a roommate roommate, instead I'll get a suitemate... PLEASE!!!! *ahem*.

Anyways I've decided to do mini-comic book reviews in an effort to update this thing at least once a week... let's see how it works out. Yesterday you heard my love for Action comics number 780 *In reality it was 790 that I just got, sorry*, and again I stress that the issue actually made me respect a hero who I hold much animosity towards... never in a million years did I think I would ever say "Guy Gardner is decent!" *Gasp*. It also features Krypto and I wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv my Krypto, I own his plushie toy and I nicknamed my doggie back home Krypto because she's mostly white and reminds me so much of him.

Fans of Jean Grey, and if you are not one of these then you should not be reading this page... go away, now... everyone else, Jean is great ain't she? =) Anywho, you'll probably find X-Men Unlimited 35 to your liking. The first story, of three, features a Mutant child who is accused of not being a mutant on only saying that he is for attention. As it turns out he is a mutant and Jean is there to protect him from Sabretooth as well as tell him that if he ever needs help they will be there for him. The art is really good and the artist draws Jean beautifully... plus the story shows jean in that den mother mode that so many of us have come to identify her with. There are also two other decent stories, but the Jean one is the best. That's it for now, I have class soon...
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