December 12th, 2001

Pluto close up

The Top 15 games EVER, and some other stuff too

Assuming I get all this stuff typed without being bugged by my employers... I present to you the top 15 games ever, as decided by me, if your game isn't on this list, then your game sucks, plain and simple.

#15 Sim City (SNES)
Why: Sim City lets you build a city, how could it not be fun? Its even more fun when you have a game genie with the unlimited money code, then you get to build lots of cool things, and if a game genie is not available, you still have the million dollar code, which makes you feel so good about yourself for pulling it off. And what other game lets bowser trample a city? Huh? That alone gives it instant classic status
#14 Shining Force II
Why: The best turn based strategy game that I have EVER played on any system, granted I haven't played many, but thats not the point. Great Graphics *at the time, althought they still look pretty good now*, hauntinly beautiful music, and an excellent battle system. The only thing bogging this game down is its lack of character devolpment, but its not needing to keep this game from being great fun
#13 Suikoden II
Why: One of the best non-square made RPG's and one of the best RPG series that lack the words "final" and "fantasy". This game is blessed with excellent 2-d graphics, 108 characters, super good music, and a system of castle building that makes the game hundreds of times more fun. The only reason this game isn't as good as some of the other ones is with 108 characters they don't go into the history of pretty much any of the non-characters, and I want more history dammit!
#12 Final Fantasy IX
Why: The best psx FF square made, pretty much for one reason and one reason only, the ultra cute Vivi. Viviness aside, the other characters all kick ass, well Amarant sucks, and its a throw back to the greater era with knights and wizards, instead of all that future high tech stuff. If dagger didn't cut her hair towards the end, this game would be much higher... just kidding, although I did scream bloody murder when she did that.
#11 Super Mario Brothers III
Why: The best 2-d traditional Mario game ever, also the highest selling platform game, I think, it was four years ago but that could have changed. Great levels, great graphics, decent music, the koopa kids!!!!! *who get no more love from anyone, injustice I tell you, injustice* and of course, the tanooki suit, nothing kicked more ass then seeing mario *or if your like me, fuck mario, luigi's much better* in some huge racoon-ish suit
#10 Super Smash Brothers Melee
Why: The fact that this game has only been out for 10 days in America and shows up higher then a Mario game on this list shows how good it is. Few things are as pleasing as beating pikachu to a bloody pulp in full 3-d glory. It would be higher if it didn't have that accursed donkey kong rap... my god I hate that rap so much, and mewtwo wasn't so FRIGGEN hard to get, 20 hours of multi-player my ass... NEXT
#9 Mario Kart 64
Why: Most people think that the SNES version is better, but I love the 64 version much more, after all I'm a college student, and SNES didn't have a four player option dammit!!! Much fun with this game in the dorm I tell you, beating people in versus mode is great fun, and playing single races never gets old
#8 Marvel vrs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Why: The most fun 2-d fighter on any console ever, bar none. Three player teams with some of your favorite *or least favorite, wolverine gets two friggen forms in this game, bastard* capcom people and marvel super heroes makes for endless fun. No four player action which is unfortunet but at least the dreamcast pad fit for this game, plus, people wouldn't stalk the DC like they do at your local arcade, stupid people
#7 Super Mario 64
Why: Mario's finest hour, even thought it lacked any Luigi whatsoever *but luigi got the gamecube launch game, HAH*. The best 3-d platformer ever, no game has even come close to touching Mario 64's sheer brilliance, keep your 64 with you forever, if only for this game... well and the one at #6
#6 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Why: Come now, a list of the greatest games ever without a zelda game *or two*, are you insane?!?!?! Great graphics, great music, great characters, everything about this game just screams great, except hunting poe's, that was a bitch. Playing songs on the orcarina was great, and the tunes made me happy left c up c right c left c up c right c... If I only had the money for that real life remake ocarina...
#5 Castlevania: Symphony of the night
Why: Imagine zelda with castlevania, and you've got this game, wait.. toss in some FF too... Konami went all out for this game and it showed, good graphics, great music, ok voice acting *I'm rarely, if ever, pleased by video game voice actors*, make this THE castlevania game, no other game in the franchise comes close, and those lucky japanese people got a saturn remake, bastards...
#4 The legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Why: The first Zelda of the post 8-bit era also stands as the greatest installment of an already great series. I spent many hours playing this game back in third grade, much more time then I focused on school, and I didn't care. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy, and it also had something that the other zelda *the games like the first game at least* had, a text filled story. This helped the game much more then anything else, you cared about link zelda and the others as opposed to the first where link was just the guy who shot stuff out of his sword with a funny hat.
#3 Chrono Trigger
Why: Please, if you need a why you should not be reading this. Most people consider it the greatest RPG ever, and its one of them, it just falls short. It certainly has the best music of any RPG I've ever heard, and is blessed with the title of the only game that I have purchased a soundtrack for. It would have been the best if it had more characterization, but it lacked some of that, the PSX remake had really cool anime cut-scenes, but that load time killed pretty much everything, damn load times
#2 Final Fantasy III/VI
Why: III in America for super NES, VI for super Famicon and PSX remake, confused yet? Don't worry I won't go into the Japanese FF American FF numbering, it makes me mad too. The greatest traditional RPG ever made, excellent characters, beautiful graphics, superb soundtrack and that opera scene *drooooool*. I want to play it just thinking about it. and what other game let us beat down with some cute fluffy white teddy bear? NONE. That is why FFVI is the best, always has been, always will be. Great villan two, made many a people laugh
#1 Secret of Mana
Why: Bah, I've praised this game so many times that I'm tired of you fools who don't recognize it as the best of the best. What other RPG let you play with 3 people, all controlled by one person so long as you had a multi-tap? Fine Lord of the rings did, but that game sucked, so we won't count it. Its not even the 3 player aspect that I love so much, everything about this game is great, you owe it to yourself to go play it, so go, NOW!

Other Greats *and worsts*
Greastest Game Company: Nintendo
Greatest Game Series: The Legend of Zelda
Greatest Game series for Music: Final Fantasy
Greatest home system: Super Nintendo
Greatest controller for a system: Super Nintendo
Greatest game genre: RPG
Best Game Character: Link
Best Villan: Kefka

Worst Game Company: Atari
Worst Game Series: Tony Hawk Pro Skater
Worst Music: ?
Worst home system: Atari Jaguar
Worst controller for a system: X-box
worst game genre: first person shooters, with sports a close second, and I mean CLOSE
Worst Game Character: Gau
Worst Villan: Wario *he's more of an anti-hero than a villan, and he sucked as a villan anyways*