December 11th, 2001

Pluto close up


My gosh, its been like ummm 6 days since I updated this thing or something like that, I don't wanna do math so whatever. Not doing much aside from getting much love from my smash brothers melee, now if only I didn't need 20 hours of multi-player to get mewtwo dammit, that requires actually talking to people, its all a plot against me, honest. Parents are being bastards and not coughing up the cash that they say they give me because they bought me my cube, which they ALSO said they would get me when I went home, bastards... Can't get comics without bouncing a crap load of stuff... is that gonna stop me? nooooooooooooooo, hell noooooooooo, speaking of which, I gotta go to the bank tomorrow and find out what the hell went on and why I didn't get 20 bucks from the check I deposited, I don't think I bounced anything but whatever. Hope they put money in the account, I pulled the almighty "you said you'd never deny me my reading, and last I checked comic books counted as reading" trump card, I think it worked, we'll see... Finals are coming up which sucks much ass, but I get more work hours, which makes me happy, something about a breakfast at 7:30 friday morning, no... not waking up at 7:30 on my one day when I don't have to do crap dammit, I need SLEEEEEEEP!!!!!!! Tired of school now with 2 days of actual classes and then a couple of finals left, but thats not the point, I'm sick of it all, mostly just the crap I have to deal with in the dorms. Speaking of hell... some idiot pulled the fire alarm at 2 in the goddamn morning last night, idiots, thought they were entertaining but if anything they are dumbasses, I need my own room that lacks a fireplace, honest, IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK!!!!!!!!! Want x-mas, want presents, WANT PRESENTS BAD!!!!!!! Assuming I get x-mas... don't have money to get parents anything because they ain't forking over the cash... sure their money is buying them presents that I picked, but thats NOT the point, they give me money for being here and then the suddenly stop during the time when I need it most, bastards again... OOOOOO doesn't lord of the rings open like tomorrow or something? hmmm. Vanessa is scaring me with her little kid love, first that freaky harry potter guy, and now the equally strange malfoy, did you finish watching my tapes woman? WANT TAPES BACK!!!!!!! Just kidding, I'll get em before I go back from break... My grandmother is back from mexico which makes me really happy because she was gone for like 5 months and I miss her bunches, thats it for now, if I don't update... tough luck