December 5th, 2001

Pluto close up

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!

Heh ran my ass to the mall from the bus stop and they just got them in, I got the first copy... well at least the first copy that FYE got, haven't played it yet actually went to my Supplimental instuction class, which I didn't really wanna do, but I missed math again today so I might as well have went to the other one. Now I have to go on friday to math *sniffle* VANESSSSSSSSSSSSSSA!!!!! Are you ok? I'm sorry about George I know how much you loved him, but remember he's not suffering anymore. A man as great as he did not deserve to fight cancer for 4 years, any prolonged suffering would be horrible. Actually getting some Mage KNight stuff started again, it makes me happy... I've yet to play the game because I don't want roomie boy to take over it, so I'll wait till after dinner, this is gonna be a long 2 and a half hours.