November 18th, 2001

Pluto close up

I GOT IT!!!!!

Remind me never to insult K-Mart again... Woke up at 6:15 in the god damn morning to get me my cube and get to target ASAP, takes my dad like five years to actually get out of the damn house and by the time I get to target there is a line of 18 people, I am not distraut since it came to my attention that the target store in my town recieved 48 gamecubes, so its all good. Wait a little bit, daddy comes up in the truck and tells me they have some at k-mart which is already open, so off we go to k-mart which is less then two minutes away but I tell him that if it is sold out I will be very very mad. It isn't sold out, I get my black cube *not spice orange, thankfully* a black extra controller, a memory card, and luigi's mansion. Dad thinks I'm gonna pay him back for the system, heh heh heh. Mom told me they would buy it for me since I'm their son and they love me, but if he insists, I will pay him back, someday. Anyways I'm happy, I got my cube, and thats all that matters... Now if only I wasn't stuck in luigi's mansion... off to the net for strat guides I GO!