November 13th, 2001

Pluto close up


less then 12 hours till the special!!!!!! Get to see the J5 sing my song "the love you save", I am so giddy. and then I get to go home for 9 fucking days. to make it all better, I'm getting my 'cube too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I might get my cube, depends on if I hurt the kiddies enough to get them the fuck outta my way, stay away from the target in my home town people... Got my test revisions back, fucking professor said my response was an A- response but he gave me a C- the first time. MY GRAMMAR WASN"T SO GOD DAMN BAD THAT IT DESERVED TO GET KNOCKED OFF TWO GOD DAMN GRADES!!!!! I have A C+ in the class thought *does a little dance*
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    Heartbreaker by MJ, not MC