November 6th, 2001

Pluto close up

Mad at the roomie for like the 18 trillionth time

ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I despise my roomate so friggen much!!! On sunday he bought tony hawk 3 and decides "oh lets play it on my roomates playstation 2 he won't mind heh heh heh". Normally I wouldn't mind him playing this utterly crappy excuse for a video game, but he played it until FUCKING 12:15 at night, what the hell! True I did not complain because I dislike confrontation but still, isn't it implied that when your roomate goes to bed at 11 almost every single night that you should stop doing stuff at around 10:30... well? He didn't get the clue so finally he gave up... bastard. Then the next day I come back from my class that ends at 5 and he's playing that damn game again, this time he has a bunch of other people in the room *like the night before* and my pants are on the floor because I was letting them dry on the chair since they did not all the way dry because our dryers in the dorm are so shitty. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. So anyways thats not it. Today I get out early because we took a test in one of my classes and that ment I had an hour long break before I went to work, I walk in and his friend is rolling a god damn joint on MY desk.... I really want to hurt him... honestly I REALLY REALLY REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLY want to hurt him. Why can't he just get kicked out, please... do us all a favor. Oh, and I saw the new transformers cartoon, it sucks... a lot.
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