October 30th, 2001

Pluto close up


Today I went to class at 8 o freaking clock in the god damn morning to get my take home essay test back... I got a freaking C-... A GODDAMN C-!!!! Normally I would be pissed but I was actually happy to get a freaking C- on the damn test because a crap load of people didn't even get a freaking C- as it was, its a hard clas and the teacher man is a strict ass grader... lil bastard, well, big bastard but thats not the point. Anyways after that I waited in the rain for like 30 minutes talking to my friends and then went to tower records to get the ever lovely new Michael Jackson album!!!! First person in the store and bought it right away, I made the clerk guy happy because the first thing he sold that day was MJ's new album... I said "damn straight its freaking Michael Jackson, what the hell you expect?". Then I found out that he has some copy protection thingy on it to prevent people from burning the cd for other people so I can't play it on my computer and my roomate is asleep and I dont want to play it on the stereo because each speaker is by one of our beds so that would be mean... But still, the record is cool, some songs are better then others and that whole thing with biggie is just wrong... stupid biggie, why won't he stay dead. Sanctum is closed right now so I can't chat with all my sanctum people, dammit!!!! Bah thats pretty much it, but his new album is good, go buy it!!! And make sure you get a cool color, my album color is blue... he has green red blue silver and i think orange... I'm not to sure. Still, blue kicks ass
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