October 25th, 2001

Pluto close up

Anime stuff

Yeah... most of ya don't know it but I'm into the anime, its true. Anime is good and here's good stuff that you should watch, and stuff that you should just avoid

For Comedy:
Child's toy. This show is by far the funniest show I've ever seen, in one of the episodes the main male character called this guy a bald asshole and then played it on the yak bak... the guy went crazy for like 5 minutes, I laughed so hard I was crying.
Tenchi Muyo. Come on now, you really expect me not to list this? This show was MADE for comedy with all those girls lusting after tenchi and besides, Mihoshi's such a freaking moron that it just makes the show funny
Sailor Moon. THE SHOW, you must watch this show or I will hurt you... just kidding. Anyways this is my favorite show in the whole world, some of the episodes are high on drama, althought those usually come at the end. Some episodes are extremely funny like most of the early S stuff. The episode where we meet haruka and michi comes to mind... Anyways this show is full of laughs if you get the humor, some of ya's dont
Sorcerer Hunters. I'll be honest, just watch the first couple of episodes of this series if you want comedy, I've seen about half of it and the middle of it *which would be the part I'm at because I can't afford any of the DVD's right now!!!!* is more drama, and from the looks of it the end doesn't have much comedy either. But those first 7 episodes... man that was some funny crap
Trigun. Vash makes me laugh, lots...
Magic Users club. buwahahahahahahha that horney club leader and his homo vp.... buwahahahhahaha
For Drama
Sailor Moon. This show has such heavy drama at the end of each of its storylines its scary... I mean all the inners bite it at the end of classic, chibi-usa damn near kills everyone at the end of R, the lesbo's get all pissy at Usagi because she was willing to sacrifice everything to save hotaru at the end of S, chibi-usa gets thrown off a building at the end of SuperS *sadly, she survives* and EVERYONE 'cept for moonie kicks it at some point or another towards the end of Stars. When I first read what happened at the end of stars I almost cried, then when I saw it I cheered because rei died...
Marmalade boy. Vanessa's show, its been rubbing off on me lately, its cool because miki's all sad since yuu's in america *althought why anyone would want to leave tokyo for AMERICA of all places is beyond me, at least its not canada I guess.* And she's got people lusting over her back in Japan while Jinny is trying to fuck yuu... its strange
The couples of Anime
Haruka and Michiru... lesbo's... hot lesbo's... utterly cool lesbo's makes for the best couple in all of Anime
Usagi and Mamo-chan... they produced chibi-usa but still they were made for each other, even if mamo is an alky homo...
Me and Setsuna... if only she wasn't some hottie hot hot on the tv, if only *Ahem* anyways...
Yuu and Miki... Despite the fact that they are step brother and step sister you can tell how much they love each other, and that makes us all happy
Rei and Sana... yeah he's like twice her age but still its a funny couple
Big ass wastes of time
DBZ. Come now, goku fight, goku fight, goku fight, someone die, goku fight more rinse repeat... Worth watching each ep once but after that... nope
Oh my goddess. This show just plain bites, its so completely boring and has no noticable plot whatsoever
Thats 'bout it
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