October 23rd, 2001

Pluto close up

An update of sorts

I cut my finger shaving... seriously. Now, I don't shave my hands *upon closer inspection maybe I should* but the razor slipped and slice a couple layers of skin off... it didn't hurt but it bled, a lot, for like an hour. then I went to the health clinic and waited for like 30 god damn minutes, I could have hurt myself bad and I was waiting 30 freaking minutes, the hell? gotta love service these days right? Anyways now I have a big ass bandaid that hinders my typing progress much and it makes me mad. I'm at work right npow and they requested that I use a typewritter. I've never used a typewritter before in my life, who the hell uses a friggin typewritter now? 7 more days till invincable *does a genki dance* I was telling people about that and they looked at me funny, better then the rap crap that they listen too, mindless dribble that is, DRIBBLE I SAY!!!! I should learn how to play mage knight tomorrow so thats good, and I hope that my comics actually have decent stories this week, god damn last week sucked. Nothing muhc else, roomie got head over the weekend and I'm betting that theres a 99.9% chance he got laid as well. He also put on his halloween costume *he's supposed to be a pimp or a mobster I can't remember*, anyways the suit looks good, damn good, but then he put on the cheap k-mart bought hat and I laughed... hard, for an extended period of time. Lord that's funny... and for the record, I'm not dressing up for halloween, I'm staying in my room and putting a sign that say's "get the hell away from this door you little heathan children*
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